Saturday, June 28, 2008

I think she has mastered it

Payton has mastered self-feeding with utensils. Months ago, eating with a spoon used to be about painting the table with her spoon. Thankfully she has forgotten how fun it was to spoon paint and now just eats like a big girl. Here she is eating her yogurt earlier today ...


  1. What a doll! And yea! for the new skill! Parker loves to use the spoon too. But he brings it all the way up to his mouth, to puts it in...and then proceeds to spit it all right back out.


    He's my only boy that doesn't eat me out of house and home. lol. He's not big on food.

    Your little one is simply gorgeous. And she is doing so well!

  2. Oh I just love the little pinky in that second shot! She's so cute!! WTG Payton!

  3. Too funny McKenna ... I didn't even notice that, but I TOTALLY do that too. LOL

  4. Great job Payton! That's awesome. Can you come over and teach Matthew a few things??

  5. awe... I just love her little pinky up while she's eating. TOO CUTE!!