Monday, June 23, 2008

Payton's new caretaker

As much as Payton gets in her brother's way and frustrates him, he really does adore her. He likes to take on the parental role ... sometimes yelling at her, sometimes consoling her, sometimes taking care of her.

Last night, he decided he wanted to get her ready for bed and then rock her to sleep. He took her clothes and her diaper off, put her clean diaper on and put her jammies on her. Then they moved into the rocker for bonding time. I told him to sing to her, so he sang his ABC's ... and then she fell off his lap. LOL


  1. he is gonna love having a new baby sister

  2. ROFL, I was going "Awwwww" until I read the last line and then I cracked up! LOL

  3. I love that! The two sisters are going to have him wrapped around their little fingers!

  4. So sweet! Siblings are the best!