Monday, June 23, 2008

Poor Zoe

Last week, we had our dog spayed. After returning to the vet twice after surgery to have them sew her back up again (yes, she got her incision open twice), she got a lamp shade after the second trip back. She spent a lot of time in her kennel, which she doesn't typically do. Kyle said it was because she was embarrassed from having a lamp shade on her head. Poor Zoe.


  1. she looks so sad and cute all at the same time.

  2. I'm getting caught up on my this will be my last comment on yours:

    Poor Zoe. Great Falls looks like a blast! Mason cracks me UP! I love the picture of him giving you a flower...ahhhh! Jaxson is too cute for words. Again, Mason cracks me UP (referencing the picture of him falling asleep with his stuffed animals and DS). Great pictures of you at the shower and bachelorette party! :D

    PS: "Broughten" is my favorite word that's not a word!