Monday, June 30, 2008

Sleep Study: Take 2

Last night Payton had her second sleep study ... this time to see if taking her tonsils and adenoids out did any good for her sleep apnea. I don't really know how to put it any milder, but I HATE sleep studies. Trying to do them on young children with all the wires and sensors is ridiculous. I'm waiting for someone to invent cordless monitors ... that person will make millions.

After we waited for TWO HOURS in the waiting room for them to clean the rooms, it was well past Payton's bedtime. So combine that with someone messing with her body and face, well it is not a pretty sight. She did okay while the wires were being attached ... but when it came time to put the microphone sticker on her upper lip and putting the nasal canula in ... I knew we were doomed from then on.

The tech helping us was losing his patience with lack of compliance and pulling the microphone and canula off, but really ... what do you expect from a two year old? After I got her to sleep with everything attached, she pulled the canula out and I just left it. The tech came in around 2am, turned on all the lights and set out to repair the broken lines {the microphone sticker had also come unattached from the wire}. I was SO annoyed ... not because he was repairing the lines, but because he felt the need to turn on the lights and get huffy. The microphone sticker was too big for her lip and was partially attached to her actual lip. Well it pulled some skin off and made her lip bleed. I was frustrated and told him it was too big, at which point he proceeds to tell me he has been doing this for 10 years and he knows how to do his job. What does that have to do with the fact that he is pulling the skin off my baby's lip? GRR. Anyway, we get the microphone sticker and nasal canula back on her and I get her back to sleep.

She tosses and turns all night and I jump anytime she moves for fear that she will pull the microphone and canula off again. I pretty much got no sleep, so I'm not feeling the greatest today. Sigh. Let's pray that we don't need another one of these for a LONG time.


  1. Give her a big kiss for me! She looks so unhappy.

  2. Oh, poor little thing! I'm so sorry she had to go through that. I'm amazed that she finally fell asleep, though! I hope you get some good information from this!

  3. Oh my - that just breaks my heart. How tough on her and you. :( I hope that you get some answers and that she doesn't have to go through it again. I bet you were glad to but that behind you!

  4. Poor thing! I hope you she gets good results. Brings back memories and anxiety of having to go through it again. We are repeating Matthew's next month...

    ps - I plan to call soon, thanks for leaving your number. Is there a better time to call? or I can just leave a message and you can call me when you are free.

  5. Oh Bethany- those pictures are just pitiful! :-(

  6. oh that just plain sucks!!!! poor payton and mommy!! i hope you get better results and you dont have to go through it for a long time!