Monday, July 14, 2008

Adoption Update

I have had a few people asking me to update about our adoption here. I am going to try to save that for our adoption blog now that it is public and will stay public throughout the rest of our journey. So if you have noticed the link in my sidebar, please feel free to link up here. :)

PS ... I also just posted an update over there!


  1. Hey girl. Welcome back. We missed all of you on the boards this weekend LOL OK so tell me how did it go at the dinner? I talked to Kristen briefly and had to chuckle. Anyways, hopefully one day we'll get to meet again and you'll be able to see I am a nice person actually LOL

  2. Hi!! I met your husband and kiddos outside of the pizza place at lunch Saturday! Sorry I missed you! I hope we can meet up next time. How did the downsyn dinner go? I wish we could have made it. How did the weekend go for you? We had a great time. We hope to go next year.