Thursday, July 17, 2008

Brother teaches sister

I just opened a can of those Gerber Graduates raviolis for Payton. Of course she wants nothing to do with them, but Mason does. Mason goes and sits next to Payton at the table with his own fork and ...

Mason: Babes, watch how bruder (aka: brother) does it. (Eats ravioli)
Payton: No, noooo.
Mason: Babes, eat it like this. (Stabs ravioli)
Payton: No, noooo. (Holds fork up by Mason's face)
Mason: No babes, we aren't playing swords.
Payton: Noooo.
Mason: Babes, watch how bruder does it. (Eats ravioli)


  1. That is just soooooo cute! Laurie used to love those things. Kayla hated them and threw them all on the floor. Do they still have the spinach ones, LOL?

  2. Awww...what a wonderful big brother! At least he tried.

  3. Bethany, email me and I'll send you the picture!

  4. looks like we have similar conversations....isn't it swwet?

  5. This sounds like conversations I hear at our house. LOL Cute! Di