Monday, July 7, 2008

I hate to beat a dead horse ...

... but Payton is doing so well with potty training! This morning we were in my bathroom, where her potty is. Her potty was sort of covered with a pair of my pants, which were draped over the tub. She walked over to the potty, pulled my pants off and pulled at her diaper {which was dry}. I took her lead and took her diaper off. She sat down and peed! She is so stinkin smart, I can't get over it!

Also, a funny story ... after she pees, she knows that we remove the little potty insert and pour the contents into the toilet. So today I did that after she went pee and then put the insert back in the potty after rinsing it. She sat back down, but didn't go any more. She stood up, removed the insert and went and shook it over the toilet as if she were emptying it. Too funny.


Updated: Twice more today Payton has approached me tugging at her diaper as if telling me she needs to pee. Sure enough, she did. Yay baby girl!


  1. That is so great. Joe is 5 and we are still potty training. It has been over 2 years! He wears big boy pants and stays dry most days but he rarely initiates going to the potty. Basically he waits for someone to bring him to the potty. When he does have an accident (like this morning) it doesn't seem to bother him. Ayiyiyiyiyi!!!

  2. Wow, this is such great news! After all of the progress Samantha seemed to be making, she's kind of stalled. Glad Payton's picking up the slack!

  3. That's so cool...Kallie was that was awesome!

  4. That is great news, Payton is so clever!
    I hadn’t even thought of pulling the potty out.......

  5. On your drive home from Boston, I was thinking you could stop at my house and show Megan Payton peeing on the potty....maybe that would help. YAY for you guys!

  6. Way to go Payton!!! I wish Kayla would be more consistent. Actually, I wish MOMMY were more consistent about putting her on the potty!