Thursday, July 24, 2008

I have the worst luck

Yesterday I ran to the post office with an arm full of express and international packages to ship out, with both kids in tow. Of course, the kids were running around the post office like a bunch of wild apes ... at least everyone else thought they were comical.

Fast forward 10-15 mintues, as we are driving through the parking lot to leave, we hear what sounds like a gun shot. That gun shot sound was actually my tire popping ... I realize this after my car suddenly thuds along. I stop, get out of my car and see that my tire has essentially fallen off my rim. What in the world?! Although I didn't want to drive on it to pull the car over, I did pull it forward about 20 feet to get it out of the way. I'm now hoping the rim isn't bent.

I called Kyle ... after going to the wrong post office, he finally arrived. In the meantime, I remembered I have OnStar (best thing ever, BTW), so I called for help and they sent out a roadside assistance guy within 15 minutes. Well, the roadside assistance guy grunts as he exits his truck ... and I'm thinking, "How in the heck is this guy gonna get on the ground and repair my tire?!" So he proceeds to get out the iron rod that lowers my spare from the bottom of my truck. But first, he totally popped himself on his knee with the iron rod. So he is hopping around, cursing in pain as we stand there watching him. Seriously, is this happening? At this point, I am thinking we are going to have to take the dude to the hospital ... he already has a bum knee, and now he knocks it senseless with an iron rod. But no, he charges on and changes my tire, grunting the whole way.

The kicker now is that Kyle doesn't even think I have a hole in my tire, so somehow it was pulled away from my rim enough to lose the air. Sigh.


  1. Weird... glad you were able to get help. I love ONSTAR!!!

  2. oh no bethany.. that is sooooo soooo strange?? how in the heck? Just glad you are all ok!

  3. Girl crazy things are always happening to you lol. ..Glad they got your tire fixed and everyone is safe!!

  4. You definately should never get rid of onstar. You use it so much--especially since you are the queen of locking the keys in your car.