Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Just one regret...

The only regret I have about pulling the kids out of daycare is that we will dearly miss Ms. Nora and Ms. Lucy ... they are mother and daughter. Ms. Nora works in the infant room and took care both of my kids as infants; Ms. Lucy now works in the toddler room with Payton and she absolutely adores {with a capital A} her. These are two ladies that we truly will miss ... they are so sincere and they love my kids to death.

Today Kyle and I went together to pick the kids up from daycare one last time. Ms. Nora was there waiting for us and we cried together. She gave me her phone number and told me to call whenever I need a sitter on a weekend. We definitely will be in touch Nora and Lucy ... you have made a profound impact on our children's lives. I only hope that every caregiver that Payton {particularly} has in her life will love her as much as you have loved her the past two years.

Okay, now I'm teary eyed again.

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