Monday, August 18, 2008

Dang Tires

Remember a few weeks ago I blew a tire? Well, I'm still running around with my full size spare on my SUV. Yes I'm procrastinating ... do I spend the money to replace my already bald tires or do I just trade it in because we could be due for a new car anyway. I still don't know the answer to that, except now I have to make a decision.

Last night the kids and I ran to my cousin's house to pick up stuff for our garage sale. On the way home, my car dinged at me telling me to check the air pressure in my tires. So I looked at my pressure screen ... two tires were 29 PSI, one was zero {this would be the spare tire that couldn't register its pressure} and one was 19 ... and falling. I called Kyle and told him I suspected that my tire was going flat. Just my luck. Within 10 minutes, I was down to 9 PSI. I was close to home at that point, so I proceeded on. By the time I got home, Kyle could hear the air coming out of my tire and asked me if we had any glue. Umm, will Elmer's clear glue work? Seriously. So out he goes with the Elmer's glue to try to patch my tire until today. By the looks of the picture above, I don't think it worked. He really wanted some super glue, but I don't buy that because by the time I go to use it, it is always hard and I never get use out of it anyway!

So today I guess I'm off to get new tires. I held off as long as I could ... about 73,000 miles worth, which is probably about 23,000 miles too long. Perhaps we will be keeping this SUV for awhile longer. Hopefully the air compressor will get enough air in the tire to get us to the dealer today. I hate cars. With a passion.


  1. I think they make cars now with the thought in mind for the owners to put more than you spend on payments on repairs...SERIOUSLY!! We just spent 1000 repairing our truck and new tires..INSANE!!
    Hope your week gets better! love, Marci

  2. Oh, that sucks. Funny, though, because Steve went to the mall with Samantha today and was having problems starting the car, so he went to a garage to have it looked at and (1 1/2 hours and a major meltdown later) had to have the battery replaced. We had to get 4 new tires a couple of weeks ago, too. Ugh, car problems. But I certainly applaud the Elmers glue effort! Would have made some pretty amazing testimony if it worked. I bet you could have had your own commercial to flog it, too. But I guess that's neither here nor there now...