Friday, August 29, 2008

Orientation to Preschool

This morning we Kyle and I took Payton for orientation at her new school. We are very pleased with her placement there and we think she is going to have a great year. The teachers and the therapists are fabulous and they seem to sincerely love the children. There are only four kids that will be in her class to start and they can add up to four more. And, there will always be one teacher and two teacher assistant's in the room, so that is an excellent ratio! Here is to a great year!


  1. Steve took Samantha to her school's open house this morning, too. Ours has 3 kids at this point (although Sammi and Steve were the only ones that showed up!), but they're expecting 1 or 2 more by November. I'll be thinking of you guys on Tuesday as the 1st day of school rolls around in NoVa!

  2. We have open house this Thursday for both of the kids- such an exciting time of year!! Still no baby here- I have a feeling I am going to be pregnant a while longer.