Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Payton's Geneticist Appointment

Payton saw her geneticist today, Dr. Lewanda. She is very pleased with Payton and her progress overall. She referred to Payton as "very clever", which I thought was cute. We also pretty much came to the conclusion that Payton is in fact a 'moose', as a good friend so very affectionately referred to her. You know who you are. Here are her stats ...

Weight: 13.9 kg {30.64 lb}
Height: 88 cm {34.65 in}
Head: 47.8 cm {18.82 in}

On a standard growth chart, she is 57-75 percentile for weight, 10-25 percentile for height, and 25-50 percentile for head circumference. On a Down syndrome growth chart, she is in the 95th percentile across the board. I'm so happy with these measurements ... and I love my moose!


  1. *ahem* Payton weighs FIVE pounds more than Kennedy. We need to get the girls together so she can tell Kenn what she's doing wrong! LOL

  2. LOL ummm, what do I say? ROFL Payton eats like crap, so maybe try that? LOL

  3. LOL! I bow my head in shame...

    You know that I love her!!!

    Great report! Give her a hug! Tell her we will see her soon!!! :-)

  4. Elias weight is 12.5, he eats a lot but still cant put some weight on

    dont know about height, but im pretty sure he's the same than Payton or even smaller.. what I can say he's petit

  5. I love Dr. Lewanda. So glad to hear the wonderful stats! :-)

  6. Yay! We go to see Dr. L in just about a month.