Sunday, September 14, 2008

School Update

Well the kids have been in school for a few days now. Things are going great! Mason loves it and loves being able to spend time with his buddy, Alex. His school has a kiss-n-ride drop off and pick up, so our babysitter has been utilizing that and Mason has done great with it. I will get to do it for the first time tomorrow, so I'm excited for that. It is hard to be a working parent when you have two kids in preschool. Here is Mason and Alex on their second day of school ...

Payton has done okay, but it has taken a little longer for her to feel totally comfortable and go without tears. Two days a week, she is in the mom's morning out program with all typical kids. Her first day was this past Friday and her babysitter dropped her off. She said she didn't cry, so that is good news. Another two days a week, Payton is attending the special needs preschool program. She is doing very well at the school, although she isn't necessarily happy to learn that we are leaving her there. She also sticks that little lip out when we pick her up ... I guess that means she is happy to see us?

In addition to her four days of school, Payton's preschool teacher {from the special needs school}, Ms. Becky, comes to our house one hour a week. That is our time to talk about how things are going and for us to get our homework {i.e. what to work on next} ... really sort of an all around therapy session. Ms. Becky is awesome ... she has tons of experience and I'm so happy Payton has her as a teacher.


  1. Na na na na na na na na na na BATMAN!!

    I hope they have an AWESOME year!! I still can't get over that you have a teacher come to your house...that's so cool!

  2. I'm glad to see that two of my favorite boys in the world are doing so great. I miss them so much my days are the same without my Mason and Alex and who could forget the beautiful Ms.Payton. Give Mason a kiss for me and good luck to you guys.

    Ms. April

  3. * aren't the same