Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A conversation with Mason

This morning I told Mason he needed to get dressed before he could watch tv, so off to his room he went. I went in to check on him as he stood in front of his closet trying to figure out what to wear. I pulled a shirt out and said ...

Me: Here, how about this shirt.
Mason: No Mommy, I want to look cool!
Me: Dude, this shirt is cool.
Mason: No it isn't Mommy, it has flowers on it.
Me: They aren't flowers, it is a bandana print.
Mason: No, I want to look cool.

I digress. The kid is worse than a girl when it comes to clothes. So then we move on to a green Gap polo that has the number four on it ...

Me: Okay then, wear this shirt ... look, it has the number four on it. {In our house, the number four signifies Brett Favre.}
Mason: No, that was the Packers. {Inferring that Favre no longer plays for the Packers.}
Me: But dude, he is still number four with the Jets.
Mason: No Mommy!

So then Kyle intervenes and takes Mason to show him that his green Gap polo with the number four on it matches Kyle's green Jets Favre jersey with the number four on it. Mason still didn't budge. Sigh. The yellow shirt it is.