Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fun with pumpkins

Finally ... the day before Halloween ... we carved our pumpkins. Kyle and the kids gutted them and I designed ... okay, I carved ... them. Mason wanted Batman, of course, and we decided to give Chicky a Hello Kitty pumpkin ... from scratch! Gosh I'm good!

The kids gutting Mason's pumpkin ...
Ta da ... the final projects ... didn't I do a good job?! LOL
The kids with their silly "baby" pumpkins ...
Stay tuned, because tomorrow Batman and Batgirl will make their debut!


  1. Wow - you did a great job!! I would love to show you my creations (yep, I was carving too while hubby watched) however the neighborhood squirrels have attacked our pumpkins this year. I posted a picture on my blog. Thank goodness it's all over tonight:)

  2. Great pumpkins! We had a little pumpkin and a gourd sitting outside our apartment door in the hallway and Samantha would love to play with them and look at them. Until one day when I went to pick one up and discovered they'd rotted and were all squishy and stuck to the carpet. LOL!

  3. They sure look like they are having fun! Can't wait to see Batman and Batgirl pictures. Your kids are adorable--all three of them...and next year you will get to carve 3 pumpkins.

  4. those pumpkins are cute. the hello kitty one is just adorable. you did a great job. can't wait to see the costumes!

  5. wow, that was an amazing job, good to see an update =) and will be looking forward the customes...