Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tales from the home front ...

While we are in Russia, Mason and Payton are being cared for by my sister, with a little Grandma and Auntie Shay in between. My mom sent me this email ... so cute ... makes me miss the kids even more ...

A couple stories from yesterday.

Payton: She comes in and goes right for the toy chest where she loves to cover herself with the Mardi Gras beads. Come lunch time, Mason’s was done first and we agreed that he could sit on the chair with a tv tray. Well when I put Payton’s dish on the kitchen table, she put her head down to cry. You see she too wanted a tv tray. She has no problems communicating and she certainly knows what she wants.

Mason: I have pansies that have needed planting for 3 weeks so Mason and I go out to plant them even though the weather is not excellent. I put on my gloves and he wants to know where his gloves are. So we get him gloves and he wants to be the main planter. Dig, empty the pot and spread the dirt around. He does a great job and he isn’t done yet, he found a broom and started sweeping while I potted another plant, and he swept my whole garage. What a helper.

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