Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Saw the ENT today ...

Addison and Payton had an appointment with the ENT today. Let's see ...

Payton ... Weighs 31 pounds. Screamed so hard under the microscope that she got petechia again. Grr. Right tube is out. Left tube still intact. Right ear full of fluid and puss, thus infected. Start antibiotics. Didn't we just finish antibiotics? Seriously. Come back in two weeks to recheck ear and have hearing test if ear is clear.

Addison ... Weighs 26 pounds. Ears look okay, but might be some fluid way back there. Throat and tonsils look good. Palate and uvula look good. Have hearing test. Tympanogram shows mild movement of ear drum, thus some fluid is present. Hearing test shows mild hearing loss. Unable to do voice directed hearing test because Payton is screaming in the room. Reschedule hearing test when another adult can be present.


  1. Do you see Dr. Bahadori and the blonde audiologist (I can't think of her name...LOL)?? Sounds like our trips to their office:)

  2. ugh we're in the same boat with Emlyn - one tube out and thus 2 infections w/in 8 weeks. And the crying under the microscope.....hate that. Glad Nika is adjusting to the bath though!!! That's awesome news!

  3. Oh my, sounds like your hands were very full!!!!!!

  4. Michelle ... yes, it is Bahadori's practice, but we were in Centreville this time. I pretty much hate the audiologist at that office. Grr. We've seen the blonde before too though. I think everyone uses that practice! LOL