Saturday, December 20, 2008

'Tis the Season

SENTIMENTAL WARNING. I'm really feeling the holiday spirit this year, more so than in past years. Don't get me wrong ... I have always loved Christmas, but this year we have been blessed in so many ways that it makes this time of year that much more special.

Our children top our list of blessings ... they each have grown so much over the past year and they make me so incredibly happy.

Mason has grown into such a little man. He is learning so much in preschool ... I love to see his little mind work. His compassion for his sisters is incredible ... he is the best big brother that two girls could have. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for him.

Payton has also grown so much this past year ... physically, emotionally, developmentally. Everything she does is so rewarding for us, only because we know she has to try extra hard to get things right. She loves being a mommy to her dolls ... I could watch her play with her dolls all day, it is so cute!

Addison is our Russian angel. Her smile melts my heart. She has only physically been with us for one month, however she has been growing in our hearts for seven months. She has accomplished so much since being home, she makes us so proud and the rewards are endless with her as well!

Next on our list of blessings is probably our community ... online and otherwise. We have received an incredible amount of support - emotionally and financially - over the past seven months while we pursued the adoption of Addison. I have always thought of myself as being a giving person, but after being on the receiving end, I have wanted to be on the giving end that much more. Giving to others to so rewarding and what better time than now, during the holiday season. It breaks my heart to see that so many people are being negatively impacted by our economy and I have been incredibly happy to help others during this time. I cannot save the world, but I can help put a smile on a child's face Christmas morning. Giving ... that is what Christmas is all about!

Now I am sort of getting side tracked, but I had to post this video that I pulled from Renee's blog. If this doesn't make you cry and thank God for your blessings, then I'm not sure what will.

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