Friday, December 5, 2008


I think every family probably has traditions ... I know mine does and keeping those traditions is something that is very important to me.

One tradition that most everyone probably has is the turkey wishbone ...

... we did this every year when I was little and I have carried it on. A couple days ago, I explained the meaning of the wishbone to Mason. Our wishbone sort of got damaged when we pulled it from our turkey, but oh well. We let it dry out for a couple days and Mason and I each grabbed a side and pulled. I won. Oops ... I know you are always supposed to let the kid win but what can ya do. Sorry Bub! Now when am I going to win the lottery?

Another tradition that I started with my kids is making a gingerbread house every year when we decorate for Christmas. This year we changed it up and got a train instead ... SO much easier than those dang houses! LOL. Mason loves decorating these things and Payton wanted to be right there in the middle of it, making a MESS and getting yelled at by her brother the entire way for ruining HIS train. Sigh.

The ingredients ...
Step one ...The final product ... isn't it cute?!
Every year at Christmas, I also put up mistletoe ...

... and this year, Mason looked up at it and said disgustingly, "MOM ... WHY do you have THAT thing hanging THERE?" LOL. So Kyle and I explained what a mistletoe is and now Mason is OBSESSED with standing under it and puckering up. He cracks me up!

Another tradition that we had when I was a kid was that the tooth fairy would always leave a gift on our bed while we were at church on Christmas Eve. Every year, we would come home from church and run to our rooms to get our gifts. The catch was that every year it was always a new pair of pajamas. This was one of my favorite traditions and I have carried it on with my kids. I still have NO idea why we always thought it was the tooth fairy that brought the gifts, but whatever ... that is still what we tell our kids.



So what traditions do you have that I can steal? :)


  1. No traditions other than before our kids open their presents we read from a Christmas book that talks about the story of Jesus...they still might be a little young. But my kids love it!

    Oh and I love your pictures of Mason and his little 1st Christmas outfit!! Too cute! I can't wait to see your pics this year with your new addition!!! :)

  2. Great traditions, great pics. Where did you get the train? I must get one!!!

  3. We have a tradition that William and I have done but not since Eden was born but are only now considering adding Eden to it. We go to a nursing home on Christmas day and spend a few hours chatting with the lovely souls that have so much life to share but usually spend the holidays alone. (its best to pre-arrange this rather than just turning up - if the kids want to make a craft to give to some of them I'm sure the residents would love that). It also could end up being something that becomes a regular event and not just on Christmas! The elderly have such interesting pasts and would love for someone to take an interest in them!

    Another thing we are going to do is have Eden give a gift to someone in need. My MIL sends shoeboxes filled with gifts to orphans in Romania (through the church) and we started thinking about it and how we could do something similar just for a family here (England). So, that one we haven't officially started but are trying to find a way to.

    Another thing we've done for Christmas and birthdays but now probably need to change this too, we would do all the decorating when she was asleep or napping so she would awaken to lights and the tree (and balloons on her birthday) and the joy in her eyes when she sees it all is pricelss. I suppose now we should start including her lol. She's not 3 yet though so maybe just one more year of this! he he

    I love the photo of Payton and Mason in the stripey jumpies! Those are so cute! The gingerbread house is a cute idea. Not sure if they have those here! lol!

  4. We've got that same dang mistletoe! LOL!

  5. On Christmas Eve we wait for the first star before we have our supper. My husband's family is Ukrainian so the meal is very special to us (my kids love watching for the first star). Also, before the kids go to bed one of our family members reads from my old book "The Night Before Christmas", and we have them date and sign their name on the back page of the book. I plan to pass it on to my boys when the time comes.

    Must say, I'm really enjoying your blog and am grateful to Becca for pointing me in your direction!

  6. Mean mom! Winning the wishbone! I love that the tooth fairy brings the p.j.'s! You may just have started a tradition in our house. We do the p.j. thing every year on the night we drive around looking at Christmas lights, and I think Santa is too busy, so he's going to have to send the tooth fairy starting this year! LOVE IT!

  7. My sister and I use to do the wishbone when we were kids. I actually saved it this year but haven't given it to my kids to do yet.

    We also do the PJ's on Christmas eve - but the elves bring them :-)