Tuesday, December 2, 2008

We are two weeks in ...

Tomorrow will mark two weeks since we returned home with Nika ... and she is doing awesome! She especially loves her big brother ... and I think the feeling is mutual. She is getting along great with her sister too, but there is a little bit more sibling rivalry going on there. Aside from that, they have fun playing and taunting each other.

Nika continues to love food ... pretty much anytime I walk into the kitchen, she comes crawling. LOL. She is definitely getting a little more picky with what she eats though ... we gotta work on that.

I think Nika is understanding English more and more ... in fact, sometimes she responds to things I say in English better than she does the Russian version. I wonder if that means I am not pronouncing the Russian version correctly. Ha. Whatever ... we are communicating just fine and she is picking up sign language like an old pro. I turned Signing Times on the other day and she sat there and mimicked every sign they did. She is going to show her sister up when it comes to signing, that is for sure! Oh ... and she is now saying "Mama"!

The one thing Nika continues to despise is the bathtub. I have noticed she tends to react worse when the water is running. Anyone have any idea why this would be? We were told the kids were only "officially" bathed about once a week in the baby home, but I just wonder why they are all so afraid of the bathtub?

Nika saw the cardiologist today ... I updated on our other blog about that ... good news and bad news. She will see the pediatrician and eye doctor on Thursday, the ENT in a week or two and she has her evaluation for Early Intervention just after the new year. She is definitely keeping me busy!


  1. Love her photo she is soo cute
    Just wondering also how your all going with her name are you still using both? My kids all have nicknames and they tend to know there many names lol
    How’s she going with that?

    She is incredibly bright that is for sure,. I couldn’t believe how quickly she learnt the sign “more” your all doing a great job
    With the bath water running, I wonder if it could it be a sensory thing? the sound echoing loudly she might not like. Could you also try different water temps, she if that makes a difference I’m sure your trying heaps I’m just thinking out loud

  2. Audrey went through a stage where she was afraid of the bath (about that same age). We just powered through it by giving consistent, but short, baths.

  3. My kids all went through a phase of not liking the bathtub -- but it was the worst with our oldest, who spent 2 1/2 years in an orphanage. Since hot water can be a rare commodity, the kids were often bathed in *cold* water and likely, none too gently. It took a long time for us to teach him that bathtime can be fun, and include playing.

    One thing that seemed to help in the early days is that I would get into the tub with him and bathe him on my lap (with me wearing a bathing suit, he had some nudity issues, too).

  4. She so darn cute! I love to see pictures of Nika.

    Are you and/or Kyle on "maternity leave"? If so, how long?

    Thanks for sharing her with all of us. You are a true inspiration to me!

  5. So Glad that Nika is adjusting so well. She certainly looks happy! I'm glad she is getting along with the other two kids. I knew it would just be a matter of time.

    Her picture is wonderful

  6. I love that picture!! I could eat her up! I will pray that her leaky valve does not give her any problems!

  7. Another idea for adjusting to the bathtub is to get in fully clothed (you and Nika) and just play for a short time. Increase the "fun and silly" time so that she can eventually tolerate longer periods. See if Mason would help in this too.

    Or you could try water play at the kitchen sink too. Maybe a small rubbermaid bin inside the tub? A shower? I've used all these kinds of things, including washcloth baths when a child is frightened of the bath.

  8. Fabulous blog, Bethany, she looks wonderful! ---Andrea Roberts, Reece's Rainbow DS Adoption Ministry

  9. She is soooooooo cuuuuuuute, a little beauty! And you're a great mom. I hope you will be the happiest mom and daughter ever.

    Natalia (Russia)

  10. Bethany,
    Love the new picture- she is just too cute! I hope the bathtub issue is getting better. Ksenya loves baths for some reason but is very picky about the water temperature- she likes it colder than I would think. Glad to hear things are otherwise going well.
    Melissa Dittrich

  11. Nika is adorable! Keith was afraid of the bathtub, too, until he realized that he could SPLASH the water! Now he doesn't want to get out of the tub. :o)

  12. loved the photo and the newsy update :) SHe is beautiful :) Sounds like so much fun :) The bath thing must be orphanage related cuz Noah is from Taiwan and we battled that too! And he is an eater as well!!!

    Have a blessed day,
    Noah's mama

  13. Your daughter is beautiful. Try the kitchen sink. It is smaller and at your level. If that doesn't work try bathing with her and put her in the shower with you.

  14. T21 Traveling AfghanApril 27, 2010 at 1:23 PM

    She is so beautiful! I am so happy she has found her true family!