Monday, December 8, 2008

Why didn't I try this sooner?

When we brought Nika home from Russia, we were well aware that she might have sleep issues since she was used to sleeping in a room with many other children and she was used to sleeping with light and noise. When we were in Moscow with her, she slept fine in the pack and play right next to our bed. When we got home, we put her in our pack and play right next to our bed.

In the beginning, she got a little spoiled by having us rock her to sleep, which wasn't something she necessarily needed ... it was just something we wanted to do. Well, I should have said she got A LOT spoiled by that and began to cry when we put her in the pack and play. So the rocking to sleep went out the window and we began playing an ocean waves sound machine. She did very well and began laying right down to sleep.

We have had her crib all ready to go ... we just have put off using it because we didn't want her to be scared in her room all alone. Last night, I decided to put her in the crib to see what she would do and that little stinker laid right down and fell fast asleep! If I had known it would have been that easy, we would have done this earlier. Actually, I shouldn't say that because I know everything we have done to help her adjust thus far most likely contributes to how well she did in her crib.

Now ... if only her sister would lay down by herself at night.


  1. Lol yes I agree I’m sure all you have done has contributed. After she is done teaching Payton to go to sleep, can she come teach Aden?
    I had a dream last night that use came to Australia hehehe I sat their for an hour brushing Payton’s hair (lol I dont brush my own daughters hair) you all needed to leave for the plane home but I kept saying I had to brush her hair some more.
    Lol I’m not stalking you all, honestly I’m not
    It was so good to see you all though. Hehehe visiting anytime soon?

  2. I'm so glad that Nika's transition is coming along quit well. It's amazing of what a little child can handle.

  3. Hopefully your other two will follow suit! I'm so happy to see her adjusting so well!