Monday, December 29, 2008

Wii Fit

We bought a Wii last year for Christmas, but we hadn't bought a Wii Fit until this Christmas. I wasn't sure if I wanted it because I had heard from some people that it isn't worth it. However, I also heard from a number of other people that it is worth it, so we got one. I actually also got a tip that it might be good for Payton and Nika in the future, which I hadn't even thought about.

So on Christmas day, I fired up the Wii Fit and it told me my Wii Fit Age was 43. Grr. I guess I should mention that my actual age is 33. I figured out that it is all about your balance because today when I retested myself I was 33. Wow, I dropped 10 years in three days! LOL. Uh, no. Pretty much I just figured out how to work the balance portion of the thing.

Tonight I did my little Wii Fit exercises for an hour's worth of credit, which is how it works. Mason did the exercises with me ... umm, and perhaps better than me at times. Ha. Let's just say I hate push ups and side planks and Mason is really good at them. I'm not bitter at all. Nope, not bitter that my four year old can do them better than me.


  1. I'm 43!
    Now I feel old....

  2. An hour of Wii Fit time is a lot. Probably a little over an hour and a half, right?

    This is a video I just posted about my own Wii Fit obsession. Thought you might like.

  3. How funny is that. My sister got the same thing for her family for Christmas and she is 38 years old but it told her she was 80. (*LOL*)

    I'd hate to see what it said i was cuz she is in much better shape than me.