Friday, January 9, 2009

Big Boy

Mason is growing up so fast and I'm not quite sure when that happened. He will be five years old next week and it kills him that his sister got to celebrate her birthday before he did. For the past few days, he has reminded us often that soon he will be five.

Last night he was in the shower, which is his new found favorite thing to do. I was in his room {which is connected to his bathroom} and somehow he saw me in there from the shower {hard to explain, but the view from the shower to where I was standing is not really clear} ...

Mason: Mommy, what are you doing?
Me: How can you see me?
Mason: Because I know everything. Soon I'll be five and then I'll be smart.
Me: Well you are already smart, aren't you?
Mason: Yeah.

Cracks me up that he thinks he will be smart soon because he will be five. Crazy kid.

1 comment:

  1. Hahahah That boy is too funny.

    Payton and Mason are so close in age and birthdays to my two youngest ones.
    Matthew was 5yrs on the 28th Dec and Aden’s’3rd birthday was 5th Jan 8 day’s later,.
    Matthew wouldn’t like having Aden’s birthday before his, so I feel for Mason.
    Wont be long now that he is a big %year old that it wont matter so much. ;)