Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Brag. Real Quick.

I admit that we have not signed with Payton as much as I would have liked over the past three years. We have signed a little bit, but not a lot. Since she started school this past September, I have noticed her finally picking up some of the sign that we have done here at home. I know they also sign with her a bit at school, but I'm not really sure how much or what signs.

A couple minutes ago, I asked Payton if she wanted some milk. I said to her, "Say Mama. Say ... Mama, milk please." Just then, she signed please. Holy smokes! We haven't really worked on that sign here at home, but clearly school is working on it. I'll add that one to our list!

Man I love that kid.


  1. YAY!!! I am thankful I taught Koby sign because that fool will NOT talk unless I MAKE....MAKE him! LOL
    I bet Payton is a sweeties with her little signs!

  2. I have found that kids pick up the signs that we present to them that are functional. I finally stopped trying to "teach" sign and it works with so many of my students. Great job Payton!

  3. I LOVE the occassional surprises like that!! It's like, "hey, wait a minute, I don't think she learned that from ME!" Preschool has certainly filled places that I've fallen short! I never cut with Aleena at home - never even thought about it! Recently, I read about cutting on her eval and thought "oh, I should probably be doing that with her". So we got the scissors and paper out and she just CUT AWAY!!! My mouth fell open! LOL *I've* never done it with her - THANKS PRESCHOOL!!!!!!

    WTG, Payton!!!!

  4. Hi!

    Many children with DS do not begin to talk until age 3 or 3 1/2 so Payton is right on target! Way to go Payton! (this is in regards to your earlier post about Payton talking).

    Sign language helps ALL children (DS,deaf, hearing-impaired, autistic, typical, etc.). It gives children a multi-sensory approach to learning language. Many families that I work with are afraid that signing will take the place of talking. Not true. Signing gives a child a manual option until they are ready to say the word! Then they usually drop that sign! Again, way to go Payton!

    Early Intervention Therapist/Sign Language Specialist
    Mom to Caroline (14) and Lindsey
    (11) through an amazing journey called adoption!!