Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Curious Boy.

Tonight I was playing around with some new photo software and I was editing the picture you see above. That picture is of the hotel room that Kyle and I had in Amsterdam ... we stayed at such a cool hotel. Anyway, Mason saw the picture and our conversation went something like this ...

Mason: Mommy, will you show me where the tub is?
Me: There is no tub ... there is only a shower.
Mason: What?! Well how did Nika get kwean and smwelly?
Me: Nika wasn't with us yet, honey ... only Mommy and Daddy stayed there.
Mason: Ohhh.
Me: Nika was still at the baby home ... at her orphanage.
Mason: Oh yeah, you and Daddy stayed there before you got Nika.

As much as we have talked to Mason about our adoption of Nika, he is still so curious about our trip to Russia. I love that. He is very aware of adoption and loves to tell everyone, matter of factly ... "We just adopted her from Russia. Her name is Nika." That said, he still has a lot of questions ... mostly about how it all happened. Sometimes I wonder if we have explained it throughly enough to him or not. I know he completely understand the concept, but like I said ... he has a lot of questions about our trip. I don't think he is confused ... I think he is just curious.

So ... I've been thinking about the best way to further explain things to Mason ... and I think that pictures are the best way to tell a story. He has not seen all of our pictures from our trip yet ... quite frankly we can't hold his attention long enough to get through all of them! LOL. I plan to make a photo book to give him a little more insight into our trip. I think it will help him now to see in book form what we experienced ... and it will be something he will always have to treasure.


  1. I'm a huge fan of making storybooks for the kids - I think it really helps them hold on to memories. I think a photo book of your trip would be great - something he can look at again & again.

  2. That would be so neat I remember making Alana a little ziploc photobook when she was in early intervention. It was of family members so she could see photos of them and get more used to them so when she saw them she would acknowledge them etc.

  3. what a great idea, it is something you will have forever.