Monday, January 19, 2009

Jump Jump Jump!

No school today. No school tomorrow. Cold weather. Had to let the kids burn off some energy.

So ... we went to JumpWorks with some friends from preschool. It was crazy busy, but the kids had a blast! We have several of these sort of "bounce houses" where we live and they are so much fun ... for kids and adults.

Nika exploring the princess castle ...
Mason on the slide ... that is serious stuff!
Chicky following her brother down the slide ... she is a wild one!Whoa sis ... what are you doing?!
At quick glance, this next picture probably is not significant to most people. To me, though, it shows a lot. That is Payton up there ... she got up there all by herself. Have you ever climbed up one of these walls? It is hard and tiring, stepping on those squares and pulling yourself up by those handles ... especially for a little thing like Payton. Especially for a little thing like Payton who is supposed to have gross motor delays, courtesy of an extra chromosome. But she can do it. She can do it!


  1. Clearly I have no life...just commenting on blogs tonight!LOL
    CUTE pictures! WE go to the bounce house here alll the time and Koby LOVES IT!He got passes for Christmas!

    And YAY for Payton...I can barely climb those things!

  2. Looks like a GREAT way to pass a cold day!!!! :)

  3. Every now and again it just hits me how truly blessed your family is and especially how lucky Nika is. Most days it seems as if she's always been there. How different and wonderful her life is now because you believed in her. You have a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing with us.

  4. Oh we love Jump Planet round here! Its been awhile I will have to start going again. They have a special needs kids night once a month where they turn off the loud music and its not as busy and its all people that understand when your almost 7 yr old child touches their booty because she needs something to help her climb and u are right there lol. I am going to start doing Kaila and Donni's dual parties there starting on his 3rd birthday probably. Thats what I get for having 2 kids the same day :-P.

  5. Payton, that's awesome!

    And that looks like a totally fun place. Where is it?

  6. Fun! Those walls are hard to climb! Max still struggles with those and gross motor is a strong point for him. YAY for Payton.