Saturday, January 17, 2009

My poor dog

I'm not quite sure what it is, but I always seem to get stuck with dogs that hate being groomed by professional groomers. This leads me to become one with my scissors and by golly, I've gotten good over the years!

After reading this post and this post by Leah, I was reminded of how much I hate the other part of grooming ... trimming nails. Ugh. Our first dog had light nails, so it wasn't so bad. But our dog now has black nails ... and it sucks. Seriously, how do you know when you are going to hit the quick? I usually try to let the vet do it, but we aren't at the vet often enough, so I try to trim them myself, which I clearly dread, so it doesn't get done and then they get too long and then I'm worse off than where I started. Breathe.

So after getting my lesson from Leah the other day, I was all pumped up and decided it was time to cut my dog's nails. I had previously decided I would go buy some of this "stop bleeding" stuff Leah talked about, but whatever ... I was good and I would not hit the quick. Right? Hahahaha ... I suck. I hit the quick. Twice. One wouldn't stop bleeding. We put flour on it, but she wouldn't stop licking it. So we ended up with this ...
I'm sorry Zoe, I really tried. I promise I'll take you to the vet next time.


  1. poor pup and poor you! we have a dog named zoe who eerily looks like your zoe - and who HATES getting her nails done. even the lady at the vet won't do it. i found one groomer who will (reminder: call her this week!) it's so traumatizing for everyone involved!!

  2. oh poor Zoe!
    i hope you are better with your kiddos =)

  3. Oh no!!!! time I do nails, (I do them about once a week, just depends) I'll have Dean video record it, ok? Then I can show you exactly where the quick is. Once you know what you're looking for, you won't hit the quick anymore. I PROMISE!!!

  4. I forgot to ask..Are you still planning on breeding her Cuz then you have to do all the wiggly puppy nails, every two weeks!

  5. I know, but how the heck can you see it with a black nail? It is impossible! LOL. And NO, we aren't breeding her. We had her spade ... or is it spayed. LOL

  6. OMGosh I'm laughing so hard. Poor little guy, but I had to laugh at the wrapping.

    You are so funny!

  7. oh poor Zoe. I would love her up if I was there....