Sunday, January 25, 2009

Poor Bubs

It appears as though Mason breathed in too much household air because he now has whatever Payton had last night.

One gets better. Another gets sick. I do believe it is a revolving door. I am really praying hard, though, that Nika does not get it ... and that Kyle and I don't get it! We have all had the stomach flu once this season ... isn't once enough?!

On that note, I had to cancel Nika's sleep study that was scheduled for tonight. I figured Kyle might like to have me here with a vomiting child. Okay okay ... I admit it is just a good excuse to not have to spend the night in a sleep lab. That has to be one of my least favorite things ever.


  1. Oh no! Guess what, just an hour and a half ago, all three of us were in the living room and Aleena started coughing. Then all of a sudden - puke shooting straight out of her mouth! As you say, "BLECH"! Oh I HATE clean up!!!

    And I second your feelings on sleep studies!!!!! That's the longest night ever!!!

  2. Praying that nobody else gets sick!!!

  3. I hope he is feeling better soon, and that no one else gets sick. Poor bubs.

  4. Feel better soon Bubbs! and I hope it doesn't spread any further. So, when are you rescheduling the sleep study...LOL!

  5. GWS and those that are well stay well :-D