Monday, January 12, 2009

Q & A

Will you continue to celebrate these events with her or just acclimate her to your family's traditions? Is there an Orthodox church near you?
Mostly we will be acclimating her to our family's traditions. However, at the same time, we will be honoring her roots and acknowledging these holidays in our home. I really have no idea if there is an Orthodox church near me, but it would definitely be worth going to a service sometime!

Quick question about your photos... what do you do to get that haze-like black frame around each photo?
I have had a lot of questions about this! I mostly use, which is free, but I also use photoshop software, which is not free. LOL. And the haze-like black frame that you are referring to is called a vignette, which is a photography thing. Both Picnik and Photoshop have the option to add a vignette to a photo. More to come on photography ... I'm getting so interested in it lately!

Don't you just love those double birthday's right after Christmas...sigh!
Um NO! LOL. I actually was due with Payton on Mason's birthday ... thank God she came a week early! I hate having their birthdays so close together, let alone right after Christmas. What do you guys think about doing 1/2 birthday celebrations?

Where are you finding all the lovely pages for your blog?
Um, I'm not sure I can tell you my secret! Haha. I'm kidding ... it is ... and I design my own header. If anyone needs blog help or wants a header or button designed, just let me know and I'd be happy to do it. :) EDITED TO ADD: I heard yesterday that their site was down, so hopefully this is just temporary!

You haven't banned those markers yet??! LOL!! What ever ended up happening with your couch?
We got the marker out. Luckily the couch has slipcovers, so we could just take them off and wash them. Thankfully the marker came out, although the marker queen struck again, so we have to wash them again. Little stinker!

Hey, I have an idea.....we need a few more volunteers for the Buddy Walk committee:) Want to join??
Yes, sign me up!

What a change for you to have an enthusiastic eater, huh?

I know, I love it!

I bet she didn't get all those kinds of foods in the baby home. They probably only had certain things, so now she's really enjoying those taste buds?
Yeah, I'm not really sure. Even though she was fed really well, I'm not sure of the variety. Someone told me that stuff like yogurt and bananas are considered treats there, so it makes sense that she goes nuts over them here!

Love the grape tradition - would it count if you cut them in half?
Gosh, why didn't I think of that?!

How long does it take to get to your house from Madison?
Umm ... a LONG time! LOL

You must have some fancy camera or something, or you took photography classes, because your pictures always look professional. Tell us your secret, please!
I do have a semi-fancy camera ... a Canon Rebel xti. I have not taken photography classes, but I am sort of artistic like that. I would love to take a class though! More on photography later!

Do you think your sister will share her icing recipe? lol
I'm sure she will ... I'll ask her for it if you still want it!

I would MOVE! That is too scary for me...what are you going to do? Look up Ghostbusters in the business pages of the phone book and CALL THEM! Good luck :)
What am I going to do? Um ... live with my ghost friend! LOL

Maybe the ghost is afraid of Carmen?
Haha ... I am, so I'm sure the ghost is!

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Is Nika Walking?
Umm ... yes! She is doing so awesome! I'll be posting more on this later!

Are you starting an annual walking-down-the-road Vonda-tradition picture?? :)

OMG yes, I have always loved that picture of hers! Good idea!

Any other questions I can answer? Go ahead and ask them here! ;)


  1. I tried to go to and it keeps asking me for a user name and password. Almost like it needs an access code. Is it something with my computer or what?

  2. the cutest blogontheblock isn't working ATM thanks for that link.
    yes still interested in the icing lol

  3. I've been thinking about a blog facelift. Wish the cutest site was working, but it keeps shutting me out. Any suggestions? I always love how yours looks. I know once I get the hang of it I could probably handle changes.

  4. I went to their blog and I know they were doing some site revisions and it was supposed to be back up yesterday, but it isn't. Hopefully they will have it back up soon!

  5. I have a question for you....If a train leaves Boston at 4pm and another train leaves Miami at the same time......NO just kidding!
    I don't really have a question as much as a SOME VIDEO! I loved the videos from Russia of about some at home with Payton ones?

  6. How funny! BOTH of my kids were due on Jan 21!!! Madison never wanted to come out and it took about a week to finally coax her out via induction (attempted X2), vaccuum extractor, nurses frantically pushing on my belly when her head/one shoulder came out and was briefly stuck. She was 9 lbs 8 ozs- gee, I wonder why she wouldn't come out?????? Her birthday is Feb. 1. Four years later, when Joshua came along I told my doctor (different doctor/different state) that I was NOT doing a repeat of Madison's birth and I'd gladly have a C-section or be induced early. So, he came via induction (first attempt) Jan 7 (2 weeks early) and was a breeze and has been ever since:) So they are about 3 weeks apart:)

  7. Jack has my eye color that is hazel with brown in the center. I think it is because my mom has brown eyes and my dad has hazel eyes so I guess I got the mixture as did Jack. Jared has blue eyes and Grace seemed to get his eye color and I just realized that Kate's eyes are starting to show some brown in the center. Grace and Kate also have birthdays that are 1 week apart. They had the same due date but Grace was born a week early and Kate was born on her due date. That should be fun this year with a 6 year old party and a 1 year old party...what to do? Do we have a combined party or 2 separate parties. Obviously didn't think that through when try to conceive them ;).
    P.S. I love Nika's eyes...the blue is sooooo blue. Also, you need to find the Color Wonder markers and books and hide the real ones :)...Grace was just like Payton- probably 10 times worse with her wonderful ideas....I will post her "stories" on our blog soon.

  8. Girlie,

    Hook me with a banner!!! I need some banner loving. Mine is WAY TOO STINKIN' BORING!

    Thanks for answering my ?

    Looking forward to the photographing posts. Lord knows I need some help. Do you always use flash? Auto?

  9. I would love to have a header or button designed for me although my blog is jsut starting up and I am not popular enough for people to actually use a button yet lol. :-P.

  10. I'm with Crystal, I'd love one too but am soo not popular enough to have a fan base lol. But I really want people to discover Adoption and there ere a few buttons on my blog I wan people to find ;)