Sunday, February 15, 2009

A great time had by all ...

gram bday montage
We had a great day yesterday celebrating my Grandmother's 78th birthday. It was nice to just hang out with family, which we don't get to do often enough. We ate, the kids played {so nicely, I might add}, we ate some more, the men drank beer and the women played Apples to Apples ... which I totally lost ... it was such crap.

But I'm not bitter.

It was fun for me to be able to have some different subjects to photograph ... here are some shots my cousin's kids ... well, two of her kids, at least ...
Gram 78 bday-3.jpeg-2
maddy rope-1
ella stand-1
maddy slide-1
ella rope-1

And some shots of Chicky for good measure ... man, I am so in love with this kid ...
p slide-1
p swing 2-1
p swing 1-1
payton stairs-1

How in the world did I end up with no shots of Mason outside? Ei yi yi ... sorry Bubs! I didn't get any of the little ones inside either, so I guess they are even.

The older kids spent a lot of time playing outside ... they had so much fun, but it was cold! In fact, it even started snowing ... err actually, more like sleeting. But that didn't stop them from playing outside ... uh, nor did it stop the men from their beer and fire ...
guys fire-1


  1. Thanks for sharing your day with us. Your grandma looks like a sweetie.

  2. What sweet pictures!

    Has anyone ever told you, your cousin's daughter looks very much like your children??? Wow!

    Joany and Carly

  3. I think so too!

    Love the photos - especially of your Grandma - makes me miss my own!

  4. Well she is my Gram too!!! I was the only cousin not there. Oh well other than my 2 brothers and my kids of coarse. sniff sniff....that makes me sad. I'm very happy to see the pics. They are the most beautiful pics too by the way. I'm so proud of my talented cousin. Great job Beth!


  5. I love looking at your pictures! I have always wanted to open a studio...maybe I will get around to that someday :)

  6. Such a beautiful Grandma. Makes me really miss mine too. I love the colors in your photos!

  7. The photos are awesome. Happy Birthday Grandma!

  8. Looks like such a fun time! Love the pics of the kids playing! Hey, I owe you a huge thank you! I've been following Kristine's blog as well as your blog, hoping to learn more about photography along with you guys! Kristine was willing to field a few of my questions, and really helped me understand a few things I wasn't quite getting! So thanks for the great networking! Keep up the awesome photos! I'll learn lots by "peeking" in on both of you!

  9. Your pictures look great. I love the colors and the backgrounds.

  10. Will you come here and take pictures of my kids?

    Ann (Annieo)

  11. great pictures. looks like a lot of fun. we love to sit outside around the fire and drink beer!! haha
    i love chicky's boots too LOVE THEM!

  12. You know, I think Payton is really changing her looks! If I didn't know I was on your blog, I wouldn't even know these were pictures of Payton - these pics and another recent one of her looking out a window (I think it was titled 'dreaming'?) She just is looking really different. I think she is really losing her baby look and looking like a grown up girl!!!

    So glad you all enjoyed a wonderful celebration of your precious grandmother! :)

  13. Your photography is AWESOME! I wish you'd come here and take pics of my kids!

  14. Bethany--those are awesome, awesome photos. I'm so excited for you to be involved in the calendar photography this year!!! I love the one of your neice on the slide. How did Payton do on the big girl swing, by the way?

  15. Great photos. I love the one with your niece going down the slide. I also like your grandmothers shots.

  16. Beautiful pictures! I just love that last one of Payton! Your kids are so cute!