Friday, February 6, 2009

Look what came in the mail today!

I am so excited!

Wondering why I'm excited over diapers and pull ups?

Well ... Payton is on a Medicaid waiver and now that she is three years old, diapers and pull ups are covered free of charge. Every month, our monthly supply is shipped to us ... easy as that.

I know I mentioned potty training the other day, but I think I jumped the gun a little bit on the undies part. We'll be sticking to pull ups during the day and diapers at night until I know I can trust her. She is doing great staying dry, but like I said ... I don't want to jump the gun.

Anyway ... yay for free diapers and pull ups!

PS ... I'm sort of hesitant to share my excitement for something like this for fear that someone might think we are milking the system. My daughter has Down syndrome, sleep apnea and reflux. Among other less important things. Thus, she qualifies for a Medicaid waiver for long term care.

So please ... no attacks about us milking the system, because that is just not the case. I'm only saying this because I've heard this before {in general terms ... not aimed at me, per se} and I pretty much think it is ridiculous. Nuff said. ;)


  1. Man, are you getting Huggies? Kayla gets the generic versions. They're OK, I guess, but the diapers still use TAPE for cryin out loud! We do 1/2 diapers and 1/2 pull-ups, too. We're going through more pull-ups than diapers, though, but for some dorky, er, bureaucratic reason they won't do a pull-ups only order.

  2. Good for you! We live in Michigan, they offer next to nothing to help us. Carly (7 yrs. w/Ds) has a "sister" to medicaid, but it's not really medicaid. That's the way Michigan put's it. Anyway, it's insurance that we have to pay one set amount each year for her to have. It's based on our income. She has my hubby's insurance too. The state just picks up anything that my hubby's doesnt. Otherwise, we get nothing from MI., Happy to hear other states lend a helping hand!
    Dont get me wrong. We are thankful for any help we have gotten. Carly has had 2 heart surgeries and leukemia...No doubt we would have gone under without the state's insurance for her.
    Carly has a carepage.
    then type in the following:
    We follow your blog and LOVE it!
    Joany and Carly

  3. You know I'm counting down our days. Matty will be three in a few months:) Your shipment came super fast!!

  4. I know you are grateful for whatever supply that God provides-no matter what "vehicle" he uses either! Don't worry what others think!!
    Glad your excited!

  5. You are not milking the system! Addy qualifies for supplemental Medicaid and gets a subsidy check every month since she was a special needs adoption. I had no clue of any of this before we adopted her and let me tell you, I am soo thankful for this help! PAYTON deserves this and so do you!

  6. We have our initial EDCD appointment next week. I'm looking forward to getting some help. At first I felt guilty about applying but then I realized that we qualify FAIR AND SQUARE. I'm with ya.

  7. If you don’t apply for these things, then they stop offering, many family’s miss out that couldn’t’ survive without the help. It’s the same with so many services our kids need, people don’t use them they no longer exist.

    Here in QLD Aden wont qualify until 4 years old

  8. Wow! I wish we had something like that here! I'm going to soon have to figure out where I can purchase adult sized diapers as Xander is outgrowing regular diapers. My boys don't qualify for anything in our state.

  9. I'm hardly waiting till Macy turns 4 for this very reason!

  10. This is one luxury I'm glad to no longer need. Although, I was quite thrilled to get them *free* until E finally made that potty training milestone.

  11. Thats okay we both can milk the system together :-). I have gotten Alana's diapers for free since she turned 3 as well and she is now almost 7. If anyone thinks its milking the system so be it..

  12. As a Canadian who is always shocked
    by how Americans have to fight for
    health care- I've never had a medical bill sent to me my whole life- I think it is wonderful that
    you are getting diapers! Now if you can only get universal health
    care for all kids!

  13. Holy Cow! I was under the impression that you only received a pack of pull-ups a month for that. Yeah...I'll be making a phone call on Monday!

  14. Hey, so does a kid just having Ds qualify? And is there an income limit (not that we make a ton at all I just always thought we wouldn't qualify and so never even applied,) also does this help with co-pays etc and if not is it any help before they are 3? Sorry so many questions, just kind of excited!

  15. I would love more details about the medicaid waiver. Were you guys on a waiting list, or were you accepted right away?

    I know it varies by state, but we applied one year ago, but in our state there is almost an eight year waiting period (if things are moving quickly.) Apparently Washington state doesn't see the need to help out families with special needs kiddos, as we have received no assistance to date. Frustrating!

    So, good for you and congrats on the Huggies!


  16. Good for you! doin' a little happy dance for ya.

  17. wow! Who do I contact to see is my son can recieve diapers and wipes like this? My son is on Tennessee Medicaid and recieves SSI.

  18. I love it when people think that "WE" the parents of children with special needs are milking the system. Yes, I know EVERY child is special and unique I have 3 very special, very unique children. I also happen to have a child with a disability. So, when people start giving me crap for using the system for him ie: medicaid waiver(we don't qualify for low income), diapers, pedisure, hydra-aid, adaptable beds, adaptable strollers, secure car seats etc...I tell them this, I along like everyone else who pays taxes, am paying for this particular service. For the disabled, for the people who aren't "typical." So, I am using what the government deems fair for MY son with a disability. Is he the same as other "typical" peers, umm NO! Is he more expensive then the average "typical almost 4 year old?" YES!!! Did I choose to have him, YES!!! I get it, I know I am using a system put in place by OUR government,to help us parents with the extraordinary costs.

    Bethany, the people that are pissed off right now because you're getting diapers for your daughter who isn't potty trained yet, are jealous that you're able to get the help! THEY don't understand, nor do THEY want to...THEY are ignorant, arrogant and judgmental! It's almost sad to me...You aren't in need of money, but help with diapers means that you might be able to help Payton with another therapy, or service or whatever...WE are blessed by our government who understands that while we love all our children unconditionally no matter what, these kids with disabilities are more expensive, and our insurance companies don't cover co-pays for therapies(my bill every month with co-pays would be 750.00 if I didn't have the medicaid waiver) because they want these kids to be the best US citizens and humans they can be they help us... So to all you people out there who think WE are using the system, just MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS...and keep paying for our diapers, therapies, pedisure, etc, because dangit I'm happy to pay my taxes for these families that REALLY need it!!! :)


  19. Hi everyone ... I received an "anonymous" comment from "Paula" that I originally deleted, but have decided to put back up because there are a few things I want to address. I will be doing it here in the comments, because I don't want to clog my blog up with this garbage.

    Here is the original comment:

    "I'm sorry but this really touches me the wrong way. Whatever happened to taking care of yourself? Why is it everyone is always looking for the handout? I know kids are expensive. Even the ones that aren't special needs. I have three, all special too. Nothing is free, nothing! Someone pays for the medicaid, the diapers the therapy. Adoption is a wonderful gift. Applause,applause! You decided to take that one on, not the state or federal gov't. In our free society you can make that choice. Doesn't it seem a little wrong to make everyone else pay for your good deed? I have a child with a birth anomaly. She doesn't go to college free, the government doesn't pay for anything. When someone else starts paying the way, they get to start making decisions that we cherish to make on our own. Be very careful what you wish for, someday the tables might turn the other direction."

    Much of my argument can be seen above in the comment made by Carmen. I am not going to repeat what she said, but I echo every bit of what she said.

    I do wish to respond to the reference to my adoption. I'm not really sure what my adoption has to do with my other daughter being on a Medicaid Waiver? Perhaps you are confused about who my children are, which tells me you don't read here often and would rather just pop in to bash me. Even if you are familiar with who my children are, again ... the original post does not even mention my adopted daughter ... so what is your point in bringing up my adoption?

    I also want to address your last sentence about being careful what I wish for. What exactly AM I wishing for, other than for you to leave my blog? I would appreciate that if you feel the need to come here and bash me, that you need not threaten me as well.

    Again, feel free to go read Carmen's comments because that pretty much addresses the other things I wanted to address.

    Thanks and have a GREAT day.

  20. Wow! That is horrible that someone would accuse you of milking the system! With as giving as you are to our society, specifically to the special needs community {through advocating, your finances, and by supporting new parents, etc...even though it's not really anyone's business}, I don't see it as a fair trade that you're only getting diapers and therapy in return. I hope that whoever made that comment does not think that all babies with special needs should be aborted before they are born because of the "drain" they are to their taxes. I also hope the do not think that we should not open our borders to orphans who's future would belying in cribs until they die while defecating on themselves because the orphanages will not put diapers on them because they're too expensive! I hope our society is better than that!

  21. Well to the person who has a problem with the huggies issue. I hate to be the one to break it to you but I am sure that they pay taxes just like you & I and that is what their tax dollars go for.. If you can't come on someones blog and say something nice or make you identity known then SHUT THE HELL UP!!! I do hope that you get the picture that my friend doesn't abuse or think she is owed anything.. She is a wonderful person who doesn't deserve your mouthyness or abuse. If you feel the need to attack someone maybe you should get anger management LOL!!! Also for someone with a special needs child you apparently don't need any help so goodie for you but there are some people who need and deserve it and then there are others who don't need it and abuse it. This is not one of those people, I repeat she is not one of those people~~~ Enough said~~

  22. Okay I am fired up now...totally fired up!

    First...yeah for the diapers! Thank you government for setting up such programs...and thank you that you get to see a benefit to some of your OWN tax dollars! :)

    When my son was born with Down syndrome and I was told when he was just hours old that he qualified for services from the Regional Center in my area...where the occupational therapy, the physical therapy, the infant stimulation, and speech therapy that my child was going to need would be paid for for the 1st 3 years of his life....I was so surprised, thankful, and so grateful to my country for seeing a need for these services, for VALUING my child and offering these programs. At that time I had no idea these services were there for families who walked this path before me...and I was so glad to learn where part of my own taxes were going.

    I also get fired up because the waiver is there, yet so many of us are unaware of it. I only learned of it this last summer and tried to get my son on the waiver before his second heart surgery this past December to help offset some of this tremendous cost. We still don't have him on it... it is not easy to get, at least not in CA, but anyone who is unfamiliar with it, talk with your counselor from your Regional Center.

  23. I don't even know what to say. The idea that you're "milking the system" is so @@@@@@@@ that it doesn't even deserve a response. Anyone who would think that is downright ignorant.
    We fight tooth and nail to get the services that Stella DESERVES and, even then, she ends up getting the majority of what she needs because pony up and pay for things that the county, gov't, etc. WON'T/CAN'T/WHATEVER pay for it. Would it be right if I got a shipment of dipes for A who, developmentally, is able to be PTed by age 3 - um - NO. Her not being PTed would be my own damn fault! Is it right that a kiddo who is developmentally unlikely to be ready to PT at that same age gets dipes? HELL YES!

  24. Bethany,
    Thanks for sharing my comment. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all be tolerant of others? I can handle your friends opinions, but don't dump on my child. Just like your children, she didn't choose her disability. I simply feel the world is a changing place and those benefits that so many people rely on may someday be non existent. In fact it is a for sure thing. Those orphanages in other countries, could someday soon be in our country. All it will take is a collapse of the federal banking system. All benefits gone. I've learned a lot from this experience, and you all are not very nice. Your blog is open and I simply responded with my opinion. Paula

  25. Actually, I don't see anything in my comment that dumps on your child. What others say on my blog is beyond my control, just like what you say is beyond my control ... unless I choose to hit delete. To be fair to you and your comment, I put your comment back up because I felt the need to defend myself. You attacked me and if you think I'm going to be nice after being attacked ... well I think we all know how someone responds when they are being attacked. You say it would be nice if we could all be tolerant of others, but it seems to me that you were the first one to not be tolerant of me by commenting like you did.

  26. Paula,

    It would be so nice if we could all be tolerant of others! I won't speak as a whole but we (the bloggers who read and love this blog) are a tolerant people, that is until someone attacks, which is what you did. Yes the blog is open but Bethany wrote in that post "I'm sort of hesitant to share my excitement for something like this for fear that someone might think we are milking the system." and "So please ... no attacks about us milking the system, because that is just not the case." I am sorry that you don't receive any assistance for your child. Would you rather those of us who dearly love our children but have a hard time with co-pays etc put our children in a home and forget about them? Talk about a drain on the system! I for one thank Bethany so very much for providing this information and I too hope to be milking the system too very soon, ha ha.

  27. Bethany, wow, I'm sorry you're having to deal with this on your blog. It's hurtful and just plain not nice. It kind of leaves a sour taste in my mouth - I'm wishing that person who attacked you to a better place - one far away from our kids, I might add!

    So silly. Miss Anonymous needs to be reminded that: "if you can't blog comment anything nice, don't blog comment anything at all."

    We're grown ups, aren't we????

    I mean, seriously. We're not 12.

    Sorry Bethany. Please keep blogging 'cause, your fans love you. And, your kids. ALL OF THEM!

  28. Wow- I've got a lot to look forward to, huh?:) Guess I should start researching this as well...

  29. WOW...I can honestly say I have never been so bored with my life that I felt the need to try to run someone else's! Or to tell them what they do wrong or how they should be living their lives. I think we all can agree that until you walk in someones shoes that judging them only proves YOU are ignorant, not that they are faulty. Bethany you are doing your job. Your job is to take care of your children and be their best advocate. Because we live in this free country your anon poster mentioned, we are blessed enough to have resources provided to us.Sometimes because of our race, sometimes because of our religion, sometimes because of our age, and sometimes because of our ability. I wonder if your poster took their child tax credit this year when they filed or if their fear for milking the system caused them to give what is provided by law to them back. I don't know if it is jealousy or boredom that causes people to decide to try and make other people feel bad about themselves, but at any rate it is sad and slightly pathetic. I just hope the next time someone finds the need to judge that they look to their innermost selves and ask, SELF, What could I better use this time I am about to waste on someone I do not know for instead? My opinion is no more important than a seed on a strawberry's back, it is just that because I know Bethany and her family personally I felt that my opinion would be ever so slightly useful. Therefore I can tell anyone who may be wondering, NO she doesn't milk the system.NO she isn't one of those who will take all she can get and turn a blind eye to others needs.YES she is the first to offer what she can to help her friends and family. So to say she is always looking for a hand out is not only highly inaccurate but quite contrary to Bethany's actual character. In actuality she is most often the one filling those out stretched hands.

    ps: this two cents can't be deposited at any take it for what it's worth

  30. Bethany I have tried a few times to write something in your defence, over this poster on your blog. It’s just becomes to lengthy, I’m so angry and upset reading what she wrote. I’m glad you shared this though, so your not alone trying to deal with these comments.
    You knew this might happen and I think its’ wonderful you continued with the post to help others out.
    I dont understand any of the attacks and nasty comments specially where your adoption comes in. What the heck, Honestly it’s very strange the comments about your adoption…

    Anyway Hugs others have said what I want to say and have said it better.

  31. I don't think you are milking the system at all. Such aid is always a mixed blessing. It is a blessing because at least some help is given and it is not a blessing because it means that your child has difficulties achieving something that other children can achieve with so much ease. And that does hurt sometimes.
    I am sure that almost all parents would prefer to have their child potty trained then to receive free diapers.

    It is normal that as a society we should help those that are more vulnerable then us and I have no problem with tax money going to help for disabled children.

  32. Wow. I missed out on a lot! Congrats on the diapers. We just started getting them for Ethan about a month ago.

    What was up with bringing up your adoption? WTH? Oh well, you know, I know, those who know you all know that you are not milking the system. I believe that the taxes that you pay for where you live would more than cover your Huggies being provided to you. :-)

  33. Pour me some milk please. I'll bring the Oreos, we'll have a party.

    Milking the system is this girl I know who lies about her "baby daddy" living with her and her 2 kids, not working, drinking, doing drugs and complaining about what is handed to her.

    Thank you for using tax dollars on something I want them to be used for!

  34. I feel awful after reading all these comments because living in Canada I don't have to deal with things like medicaid and waivers and what's a co-pay. It's good to see that there are programs and funding available to subsidize families with "extra needs". Thats exactly where your tax dollars should be going. We have many of the same programs in Canada that help families with things like diapers, formula, transportation to and from hospital, and all sorts of needs. These programs are in place for a reason. Use em!

    PS! This was a great thread, mostly because of the 33 posts here, you can see all the women supporting each other.. only 2 negative comments. What a great and supportive community of friends here!


  35. I just read all of this today. Sorry, Bethany. Ignorance is a very scary thing. What an amazing support group you have. Whoever this anonymous Paula is, it's sad that she feels the need to attack you. I admire you and wanted you to know. You are an inspiration to many people, don't forget that.

  36. Just one more thing. Applause, applause? Sarcasm about your adoption? And she says we're not being nice? Wow. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. So I guess we should pray for her heart.