Thursday, February 19, 2009

Now I Understand

When I was a little girl, I remember my Mom always telling me how my homemade crafts or pictures meant more to her than something I could have bought at a store.

I never did completely understand why. I wondered, who wouldn't want something new from a store over some picture that was drawn on a piece of paper? I really thought she was just saying that to make me feel like my drawing was more worthy than those diamond earrings at the store.

Not that I had enough money to buy her diamond earrings.

Now that I am a mother, I completely understand how a child's artwork or craft project is more worthy than a pair of diamond earrings. Actually, I could use a pair of big diamond earrings.

To see the excitement in my child's face as they hand their homemade gift to me ... it is priceless.

And now I completely understand. Of course my artwork meant more to her than those diamond earrings. Just like my kids' artwork means more to me.

Silly me.

For Valentine's Day, Mason made me this vase of flowers at
school ...
And the kids drew me these pictures ...
And this one, to which Mason assigned the below captions ...
Mommy says, "I love you."
Daddy says, "I love you too."
Mason says, "Happy Valentine's Day, Momma."
Payton says, "Do do dow."
Addison says, "Mama."
Zoe {the dog} says, "Woof ... I'm hungry."

And Mason gave me two dollars to buy myself anything I wanted ... isn't he the sweetest?


  1. What a great Valentine gift! I love my kids stuff too, although I'm getting it in ABUNDANCE!

  2. That is precious! I know what you mean. After working in the Philippines as basically a full-time parent to a few dozen children, and then returning to the US, I treasure the pictures the kids make me. I have them up in my dorm room as a reminder of them.

  3. Too cute!! I cant wait to receive those kinds of gifts : )

  4. Just melts the heart, doesn't it?

  5. That is so very sweet. They are precious gifts!!!

  6. how very sweet I love getting cards too!