Sunday, February 22, 2009

Two more kids ... RESCUED

In less than one week, two more kids in Eastern Europe will be one step closer to being rescued by their forever families. Happens all the time, right?

Not so fast. The two kids that I am talking about have Down syndrome ... it isn't everyday that kids with Down syndrome are adopted. Thus ... I present to you two very special families.

You may remember my friends, McKenna and DJ. I hosted a fundraiser for them here on my blog, where many of you helped me to raise $835 toward their adoption costs to bring Reese home. Thank you so much for your help in doing that! I meant to post a thank you to all of you a long time ago ... sorry!

McKenna and DJ have received their invitation to travel and they will be leaving in less than one week! They still have some funds to raise, so if you are able ... please consider donating to this very special family. Click here to visit their blog or click here if you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation.

Have fun McK and DJ ... I have enjoyed walking this journey with you this far ... and what is to come is even sweeter! I can't wait to meet Reese!


I think I've mentioned that blogging has brought me into contact with tons of people ... Meghan being one of them.

Meghan and her husband are leaving in less than one week to rescue Timur. Isn't he adorable? I remember drooling over his adorable little baby face when we were in the process of adopting Nika. I am so happy that he will soon be home with his forever family.

Meghan and her husband still have substantial fundraising to do, so I am asking for your help. Click here to visit their blog or click here if you are interested in making a tax-deductible donation.


If you are a blogger, please help me spread the word about these two families. Feel free to completely hijack my post if you like. Ha! More importantly, let's pray for them ... pray that their financial needs are met, pray for safe travels and pray that everything goes smoothly in country. These babies need to come home now!

Thank you everyone! ;)


  1. Hi you :) is so funny because I posted about Timur's family earlier today too... and when I popped back over to check on their blog I saw you had posted a comment...such a small world we blog in! :) Little Timur is the first little guy that just grabbed my heart when I first found Reece's Rainbow. It will be so fun to watch both of these little loves you mentioned come home, where they belong!

  2. WOW, Bethany what can I say, Thank You! This is a great family of friends to have. What a special blessing I have received in the midst of so much to do. Our focus is on Timur. Whatever it takes to bring him home where he belongs. :) Your support, words of encouragement and gift mean a lot.
    Thanks for spreading the word. Your love for these children is amazing! I am blessed to have "met" you.

  3. These stories are so inspiring - I wish them well!

  4. PBS to both of these amazing families.

  5. Hijacking your post thanks bethany!!

    Your heart is too big for words!