Friday, March 6, 2009


Phew ... it feels so good to sit down! Am I the only person who is on her feet from sun up to {past} sun down everyday? I mean really ... with the exception of a half hour or so during naps, I am literally on my feet

Can a girl just grab a chair for like ... 5 minutes?

This morning I decided to let the kids play hookie from school. Bad mom, I know. Payton really only had Mom's Morning Out and neither of Mason's teachers were at school today, so I didn't feel too bad.

It's okay to have a hookie day every once in awhile, yes?

So the kids and I went to pick up my grandmother, Gigi {pronounced gee-gee}, as they so fondly call her. We headed off to Costco, because I can't do it myself with the kids. By the time I fill the cart with kids, there is no room left for bulk goods.

And the Lord knows I get a whole lotta bulk goods when I go to Costco.

So we filled up two carts full of stuff by the time we were done. Gigi had about 66 samples of free food ... err, Gigi and Nika had about 66 samples of free food. I think I'll have to take them back to get a couple cans of that salmon they were drooling over.

After my grandmother picked her jaw up off the floor from all the stuff I bought, we went home, unpacked the car and we all ate lunch at the kids' picnic table on the deck. We had gorgeous weather today ... makes me want summer to get here now.

Crazy kids ...
Queen Gigi ...Nika ...
Bubs and Chicky ...
Oh, so bashful ...


  1. Gotta love Costco!!!! ESPECIALLY THE PIZZA!!!! YUM!

    Okay - TWO CARTS?? I don't even want to KNOW what your total was! Ouch!! At least you're done for a while! :)

    Cute pics!

    Oh, and yes, hookie once in a while is just fine! ;)

  2. Oh! I forgot! I had a Gigi, too! Pronounced the same way. My mom's mom. I came up with it - apparently I couldn't say 'grandma' and 'gigi' came out.

    When my mom became a gramdmother for the first time, she decided that she was going to be called 'grammy'. That stuck until Aleena came along. We have NEVER used the name 'gigi' to refer to my mom, but when Aleena's words started coming, guess what she called my mom? Yep! Gigi! Weird, huh? My mom was so tickled! . . . However, Aleena has since graduated to using the big girl word 'grammy' when she refers to my mom now - much to Grammy's disappointment! :)

  3. Love the pictures!

    Mason looks like such a great big brother - fun and protective!

  4. Our kids call my grandma, GiGi too. We started it because it was shorter than Great Grandma (GG). She loves that they have a special name for her. Nika looks so much older and Payton seems huge compared to Nika. They grow up so fast. I love the pic with Mason and Payton...he looks like such a great big brother :)

  5. HOLY CRAP.. you are as bad as me today.. but I am betting your total was more then mine hahaha.. 2 carts Ohmygoodness lol. I don't shop at costco.. Ive been there a few times with other people but I am not a member.

  6. Wow, you really have to share your secret on how you get your kids to look so great in your pics. Mine are always looking at me like I am nuts or grabbing the lens cover. ;)

  7. LOL Nika is such a character! The faces she makes are Awesome!!!

    the last one says to me! OH NO! WHAT'S a Girl TO DO!!

  8. k seriously was Gram really helpful? lol I will have to see what her side of the story of the 66 samples is...hmm Glad it is getting nice there it was actually 60 here two days in a row!! That doesnt usually happen til May. Are you guys coming for Easter? The day before is the first day of fishing! That's a huge deal in PA!


  9. Haha, If I have to go to Costco, I always take Nick right around lunchtime. That's when the really good samples come out. I figure with the amount of $ I spend there, the least they can do is give my kid free lunch.