Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ms. Payton

Isn't she beautiful? Clearly I'm biased, but seriously ... I could look at her all day long and never get bored. I'm sure lots of you don't understand that, but oh well. Haha.

The past few weeks have led to some changes for Payton. I pulled her out of Mom's Morning Out. I was on the fence about doing this because I liked that it was an environment for her to be exposed to her typical peers, but we have more important things to do right now. Plus ... I'm not convinced that her teachers for good advocates for her, as far as pulling her along with the class. Err something.

So more important things are on our plate. Like more intensive speech therapy. My girl is getting frustrated. Frustrated that she can't verbally tell us what she wants. Frustrated that she can't always make us understand. Pretty much frustrated that she can't talk. It is leading to meltdowns and quite frankly, frustration among us all.

I had her evaluated by a private speech therapist ... and they are wanting to see her twice per week. On the surface that sounds fine and dandy, but logistically I do not know if it is possible. I am going to try to get her in during the time that she would have been at Mom's Morning Out, but if the timing is not just right, there is no way I can drop off Mason at school, get to therapy (30 miles from our house) and get back to pick Mason up on time.

Logistics, people. Logistics.

We also are still waiting for her special needs school to conduct a speech evaluation on her. I'm confident that once they finally get it done, she will be getting speech for at least a few minutes per day at school. But ... at this point I don't have much faith that the friggin evaluation will be even be completed by the end of school. I hope they prove me wrong.

And ... we are going to start the See and Learn Program. Has anyone else used this program?


  1. Yes...Payton is gorgeous...actually, all three of your kids are just beautiful! I love seeing all the cute pictures you take of them!

  2. She is beautiful! We are starting down the private speech therapy road too. Look forward to hearing what is working for you guys. I totally understand about logistics and I only have two kids to juggle. Good luck!

  3. She's just breathtaking :)

    We are at the same point with Bryce - he is signing a little but not enough to eliminate the frustration. Our speech therapist is going to help me get the PECS system going but I am holding strong that the cards need to have the sign on them too (not just for Bryce but so the teachers that think signing is a joke will pull their heads out of the ground).
    I wish there was an EASY button to push and eliminate the frustration - it hurts to see them not being understood.
    I'll be looking into that program too - keep me posted on how it works for your family.

  4. She is just gorgeous (of course Mason and Nika are, too)!

    I haven't heard of the See & Learn Program. I'm excited to read more about it - thanks for the link.

  5. she looks like a model! beautiful picture.

  6. oh love the picture!

    I INSIST check Communication Partners

    Elias at Payton's age didnt said ANYTHING!!! just MA and yes he was frustrated all the time. He's more verbal now at 4, but all because I followed dr Jim advises, besides ST just follow the simple rules for be a communciation partner and you will see results - i promise -

  7. yes..beautiful picture! I'll tell ya what you need to do. You need to have another baby. lol. Dallas has been the best speech therapist money can buy for Macy! :)

  8. Beautiful! I don't have any advice, but I'm curious to see what solutions you are able to find for Chicky...I can envision us tackling the same speech issues one year from now.


  9. OMG!! I love that picture of payton!!! gorgeous indeed!!
    now that mayson is 3 we no longer have our birth-to-3 services and we are on a waiting list for speech.. a friggin waitin list!!! i am so ticked as mayson is trying to say so much and i feel like i am failing her.. so frustrating. hang in there though... payton will get there!
    i have never heard of the program you mentioned. would love find out more about it!

  10. wait. i have hear about that program and know someone that uses it and has wonderful success... sorry i got on their website and it came back to me. haha
    i think i am going to down load them and use it too!!

  11. You're not biased...Payton IS gorgeous!!!

    Kaia has now aged out of her EI program, and won't get any ST until the fall school year, and what she will get will be minimal. I'm tyring to find a private ST and it sucks. While she is verbalizing, and can let us know what she wants, we are having a hard time understanding alot of what she says and it's frustrating her that we're not getting it. It's frustrating for us because I don't know how to help her, and now is the time she needs ST the most, and she's not getting it. Such a bummer!

  12. Your photography is just so BEAUTIFUL!! I LOVE your pictures!
    I just had to share that!

  13. no experience with See and Learn, will have to look into that...we just use techniques from Teaching your child with down syndrome to read and have found some GREAT things that are fun for Meg and have worked wonders for her speech.
    What about finding a mom in Mason's class that would be willing to pick him up for you on those 2 days and then you can do it on another day for her? Just a thought.
    LOVE that picture, she is just a beauty!
    ps. thanks for helping me out!

  14. Wow what an amazing photo. She is simply all of your children are!

  15. Payton is so pretty! Who does your photography?

  16. Ms. Payton is gorgeous!!! Love the picture Bethany! Your photography is awesome!

  17. Payton is a beauty! I say go for the speech and see how it works. If it doesn't work then you just adjust to what works best:) Have you checked into Loyola Speech clinic for an eval? Call me if you want to chat about our experience. It was well worth the trip for the eval.

  18. Oh, Payton is definitely gorgeous, and yes, I TOTALLY understand! We've got Sammi's IEP meeting next week, and I'm pretty nervous about her getting what she needs. I've been considering some extra therapies for her as well, and have it on my calendar at work to call the Reston Speech & Language Center (or something like that) tomorrow morning about their summer camp program. Funding is an issue for us, though. Good luck and keep me posted.

  19. Fantastic photo, you really know how to capture moments.

    As for speech that too is our biggest issue. My boys say absolutely nothing yet. They are starting to say DaDa but not meaning it to be dad. They sign for their milk and crackers but I'm getting frustrated boys as well. Good Luck!

  20. Beautiful!! I wrote this on DownSyn too, but in case you didn't see: we're doing private PROMPT therapy with Emlyn and I see how it's helping (slowly, but surely). She even prompts herself now to say stuff - it's so cute. We're actually adding in a 2nd day per week starting Thurs. I hear ya on logistics...and I just have 1!

  21. yes she is absolutely beautiful as well as your other two kiddos. and i haven't heard about the see and learn program. i am going to have to look into that more. it looks pretty neat! i also completely understand about time constraints and i just have one kiddo right now. if only there were more time in a day. ;)

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