Thursday, June 25, 2009


My sister-in-law and I started going to Boot Camp at our local aquatic center a morning or two a week awhile ago. However, I sort of hit an exercise lull after our trip to New York and when we discussed doing Boot Camp again, I was pretty sure I'd get my a$$ handed to me had I went.

So ... I talked my sister-in-law to going rollerblading instead ... I wanted at least a week of exercise before I can hit Boot Camp again. Ha. But do people even rollerblade anymore? I used to go all the time, but that was like nine years ago. In fact, I had to get my rollerblades out to see if they needed some good ole WD-40. They didn't.

This morning we got up at 6 a.m. to head out. It took a few minutes for us to get in the rollerblading groove again ... and she'll kill me for saying this, but I'm not sure my sister-in-law ever got back in the groove? Ha.

No, I can't do that hill!

S&%$, s&%$, s&%$. F&%$, f&%$, f&%$. I'm gonna fall!

What?! There are bumps! Ahh!

Help me!

Ha ha ha ... quite possibly the funniest one hour experience of my life. Now that we are warmed up, maybe next time we can master the big hills that we avoided this time. Always remember, going flying into the grass is way worse than using your brake!

Whadduya think, Shay?


  1. What, no pictures?
    Better you than me. Ha.
    Keep up the Fun!

  2. I am thinking I need protective gear--then maybe I will attempt the hills.

  3. You crack me up! I wish I was your neighbor because we would be having WAY to much fun together!!! I need to get my butt in gear and start working out...Seems I always have an excuse LOL. However, my butt is telling me otherwise and it's time to start doing something!

  4. Ha ha, it is even harder to roller blade when you're laughing your butt off, but I hear laughing burns calories as well!

  5. Hahahahaha! That needed to be filmed!

  6. i was expecting pics about this experience lol

  7. ha I wish I could go!


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