Sunday, August 9, 2009

Well I lied to her!

Last night ...
Me: Mason, you can't play anymore video games until you can count to 100.
Mason (with much annoyance in his voice): Ohh-kay.

This morning ...
Mason: Mommy! I learned how to count to 100 last night!
Me (with much exaggeration in my voice): You did?! That is great!
Mason: So now can I play video games?
Me: *sigh*

This afternoon, after practicing his counting ...
Me: Okay, now start from one.
Mason: Mommy, I can't count to 100!
Kyle: You told Mommy this morning that you could.
Mason: Well I lied to her! I couldn't take it anymore! I wanted to play video games!


  1. Too funny!! I love the line "I couldn't take it anymore"! The pull of video games is so strong!

  2. Hahaha he sounds gorgouse.
    We just brought a Wii and introduced our 5years old to video games, Why did we do that? He is obsessed, it takes over his brain. Last night he wanted a book programmed into his Leap frog pen, that was until he remembered the Wii.
    For now we are limiting to after school. Then after next school holiday’s it will only be a holiday toy.
    I love it and will pull out the Wii fit after he is at school. All the best with Mason and counting to 100.

  3. Bethany,

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    Many Blessings,

  4. My son would TOTALLY do the same thing. Hilarious!

  5. That is so funny...and so something my Luke would have done. I love Mason's personality!! :)

  6. Okay.....Oh my gosh, that right there is too funny!!!! I love reading your posts about Mason, he cracks me up!! Can't wait to tell Jeff this one, he will love it!