Friday, November 20, 2009

Bringing me back ...

Today someone commented on an old post of mine, from our adoption blog. I went back and read the post, because I remember how much it made me laugh at the time ... and it still cracks me up just as much ...


I just had to tell you all about my crazy husband and our biographies that we each had to write. We were given instructions that each biography had to be 3-4 pages, along with a list of things to talk about. We had some friends over this past weekend, and I read them a few blurbs out of Kyle's biography. We had a good laugh, with tears flowing and all.

You see, Kyle apparently is the king of run-on sentences, or even sentences that just go in circles. Here is one example (see bolded sentence):

I don’t remember having any favorite subjects in school except for Physical Education, but I do know that I had a least favorite subject, which was Math. I never could wrap my mind around why anyone would want to try and figure out why you would want to figure the time it would take 3 different people going three different directions at different speeds what time they all would arrive at their destination point!!! I always had the philosophy that if people were going somewhere and made it there safely shouldn’t we be happy about that, and not worry so much about how fast they could get there?? Or how to make X and Y = Z. I would always rather try and figure out how I could make the baseball fly further or how Michael Jordan could seem like he was flying in the air and dunk a basketball, or average 30 points per game over the course of an entire season. What I didn’t realize until my first physics class is that the subject I disliked the most (math) had to do the most with the things I liked (sports).

Say what?! Dear Lord, he cracks me up!

Here is another one (perhaps the best one yet):

I had and still do have many friends and friendships, but I now have a smaller number of “circle of close friends” that I can trust with anything including watching my children if needed and know that if I were stuck in the middle of a snow storm and my car died that if I called them they would be there in a minute no matter what time of night or day and not say “sorry I can't come get you I have to get up early tomorrow, or its too far away or call me if no one else can come get you”.

Breathe husband, breathe! Another ...

So, after the first semester I quit school and for the next year I worked odd and end jobs, in retail, landscaping, etc to see if I could figure out “what I wanted to be when I grow up”, as the placement tests that my high school guidance counselor gave me said I should be the President of the United States and I didn’t really know how or where to apply for that job.

Too funny. I love this man, but his writing skills leave a lot to be desired!


  1. Kyle, Kyle, Kyle...I totally get what you were saying. LOL! I feel the same way about Car A and B going X and Y fast, arriving at Point C. HA.

    B- I also love how your silhouette in Kyle's eyes.

  2. OH Lord, he sounds like me, LOL. Me and Kyle must have had the same English teacher, LOL. He cracks me up, what a good guy!
    p.s. my husband is SO much worse. He writes like most of the kindergartners in Megan's class, ha ha! In fact he went in to help with kid writing when I was away. One little girl said she wanted to write about being a ballerina when she grows up and Joe tried to convince her she wanted to be a 'dancer' (which she vehemently disagreed with) because he couldn't spell ballerina! ROLMAO!

  3. Hey actually is good to see some Kyle on here =) I know its your blog and you write about what you want lol,

  4. Hilarious. I love his sense of humor. Maybe his calling was to be a cartoonist or comedian.

  5. all made perfect sense to me. seriously

  6. Hehe funny :)

    Can i make a little suggestion, please enable right clicking again, if people want to steal the pics they can just do print screen and crop the picture so it's really pointless and quite annoying to get the little box message every time I'm trying to open the links that you post on another tab so i can keep reading your blog without going back adn forth.