Monday, November 2, 2009

Friends and Support

We are very lucky to have a great local Down syndrome support group in my area. Unfortunately, not everyone has that. I am even more lucky to have a close group of friends within our local support group, with whom I maintain frequent contact.

I love all of my friends to death ... whether or not they have a kid with Down syndrome. That said, there is something about the connection I have with my friends that have kids with Down syndrome. We have to deal with a lot of the same things and we just understand each other in ways that others do not ... or cannot ... understand us.

Since there is no school today, a bunch of us had a play date at a local park ... so much fun! It is actually kind of funny to watch people's expressions as a huge group of kids with Down syndrome invade the park. Not exactly something you see everyday. But, I love to watch their reactions and see how they react to all of our kids ... you can really learn a lot about someone that way.

Some pictures of some of our kiddos ... unfortunately I did not get shots of everyone ...

Ms. Nika ...
Ms. Ashley ...
... and her sister, Olivia ...
Ms. Payton ...
Mr. Riley ...
Ms. Nika ...
Mr. Mason ...
Ms. Payton ...


  1. looks like a perfect fall day to play!! great photos bethany!

  2. 175 kids in Kindy lol that is our Prep (Prep is yoru Kindy yr)through to year 12. haha.
    looks like a great day.
    good to hear Mason is doing so well, teachers make a huge differance. see it's not the kids, i tell ya! ;-)