Saturday, November 28, 2009


A few housekeeping items ...

I have created a new section of my blog for Fun Finds! When I have time, I get sort of obsessed with searching the internet for fun craft projects, great coupon deals or even free stuff. In order to not clutter our family blog with all this stuff that I am constantly wanting to tell you about, I now have a place for it.

So click on over to check it out ... and if your child has a Leapster, you might really want to click on over to see what I just posted. Also, if you come across any Fun Finds that I should include, please let me know and we'll get it up there.

Housekeeping ... I had to create a new blog for Fun Finds, so if you want notification of these posts into your google reader, then you'll have to follow it separately.


Speaking of following blogs, I never added that Follow widget to my blogs until a few days ago. I never really saw the point of it and just was not understanding the purpose. I also did not follow anyone else, because I just added everyone I wanted to follow to my google reader and didn't want to clutter the sides of my blog with all the posts showing up. Err something.

Until the other day I clicked to follow someone else ... and then in my google reader I realized that blog automatically showed up there for me to read. Genius!

Who knew? Ha ... clearly not me. And I just thought I'd share that with ya'll ... unless I am the only one who did not know this?

Very well could be.


Speaking of housekeeping, if the spammers of blog land do not stop spamming my post about My Hotel Guest, I am going to close the comments. For whatever reason, the URL to that one post must be hanging out somewhere that spammers hang out and I get several comments a day about Cialis ... stop, please! I do not want your Cialis!


And speaking of the hotel we are running around here ... does anyone know if hotels typically have a dressing service ... err something like that?

If not, I think I need to invent one. One of my hotel guests has gone n*dist since she graduated to undies. Obsessively n*dist.

Speaking of undies, Payton has successfully been out of pull ups for about two weeks now. She goes accident free most days, however accidents are still lurking around. Regardless, I am so proud of her!

Now ... if we could just get her to keep her clothes on!


  1. nice about the new section!! it will be very helpfull, even if im not in the US, =)

    YAY! for Payton being potty trained! sorry I have no clue about the getting naked thing lol, mm im thinking once a teacher was working with a girl who had this issue with a puzzle, where the puzzle was a naked girl, and the pieces where clothes, dont know if it worked

  2. UGH! I get that too on one particular post! It drives me INSANE... except mine is japanese porn. GRRRRRRR

  3. Love the "Nakey-girl" look...that's what we call our girls as they're about to get in the tub. Kudos to Payton for being pull-up liberating it must feel for both of you! Thanks for the "fun finds", too...I'm always on the hunt for a great bargain. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.....

  4. I just snorted really loud when I saw your nudest! HA HA HA! I love your house!

  5. Rylee went through a nudity phase for like half a year, lol. Yay for the pting!