Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A fantastic idea?

So did ya'll really think that was my house?! I only wish I was smart enough to come up with something like that.


Although, my husband says that will be our house come this weekend ... because he thought it was a fantastic idea.

Uh oh.


Mason: Mommy, who made us?

Me: God made us, honey. He created the earth and everyone on it.

Mason: And who came from your tummy first?

Me: You did.

Mason: Yeah, I did ... and then Chicky ... and then Nika came from Russia.

Me: That is right. You and Chicky grew in my tummy and Nika grew in my heart.

Mason: Well, how did she grow in your heart?

Me: Well honey, that just means that I loved her before we adopted her ... so she grew in my heart.

Mason: Well I think she is the cutest little baby ever.

Me: What about Chicky? Isn't she cute too?

Mason: Yes, because she wrestles with me.

Me: *laughs*


  1. You're too convincing and I'm too gullible!! Oh well, It's an awesome idea though!!

  2. Honestly. I saw it... laughed... commented on your post -- and then got to thinking. Did she really do that? Though I've never met you in person, I feel like I'm starting to know you through your blog... I began wondering if that was in your character to do. I mean, you're super-funny and all -- but funny in a different way -- you know, not one I could see playing any practical jokes. So, I was right. I mean at first I was wrong. But then, I was right! VERY FUNNY! YOU GOT US!

  3. OH MY Gosh! I read that post and and thought it was so funny (also thought it was true) but imagine my surprise when I received an email about these decorations...with that photo and YOUR details about the trouble it caused. Haha - I replied to the person who sent it to me telling her where that story had come from and also what you posted today. You definately got a lot of people with that one!

  4. sweet boy...and that picture was too funny

  5. What a sweet conversation. I just love to hear how Caleb thinks about things. Oh the mind of a 5 year old boy!

  6. Mason is the sweetest little boy. Love that kid.

  7. Oh you stinker......I totally thought you did it!!! LOL

    Can I just say I am in love with Mason and his little phrases....