Monday, December 28, 2009

I love me some Christmas cards

I have always been a big card person. Birthday cards. Anniversary cards. Christmas cards. I love them all.

It took my husband a few years to figure this out ... but now we are good to go. Ahem.

The other day I was moving some older pictures off of my laptop and onto my external drive ... and I came across our old Christmas cards.

2005 ...

2006 ... I loved this card ... and still do.

2007 ...
xmas card 2007-1

2008 ...

2009 ...
xmas card

I have a metal thingamajig that holds all of the Christmas cards we get each year. I love having them compiled in one place and the kids love looking at them.


Are you a card person ... or am I just really high maintenance? Don't answer the last part of that question.


  1. I spent all season looking for a thingamajig that I like. When I find the right one, I'll know!

  2. I love cards, too! We have all of ours hung on the doors to our 4-season room/my office... although I am in love with your thingamajig -- I'll have to keep my eye out for one of my own!! Love your cards over the years! Stinkin' adorable!!

  3. I love Christmas cards too!! I have to say I love your holder and your cute little backpack organization in the background!!

  4. Hey I didn't get one from you this year.. I have for the past two years.. I missed getting on your list I guess. Email me for my address if you don't have it. I didn't get to Christmas Cards this year but am sending out Happy New Year cards this week.. I'll send ya one :)

  5. I love cards, too - but I haven't found a good thingymajig for our house yet!

  6. Yup, I'm a card person too. In fact in one of my Christmas letters one year I started by asking, "Who started this whole Christmas card thing, I could just hug 'em because I LOVE getting updates on all of you"...or something like that :)!!! My metal thingamajig is christmas tree shaped, I love the way it fills out when all the cards come in the mail.

  7. I LOVE Christmas cards too!! I need a thingamajig for ours. We didn't get any out this year but I will get one out from now on!! I love making them as much a getting them!! :)

  8. Man, we need a card thingamajig, too, LOL! I used to tape them up on the kitchen wall by the kitchen table, until I pulled the paint off the wall and The Hubs yelled at me, LOL!

  9. I love christmas photo cards,I also have one spot dedicated to only christmas cards. I LOVE your backpack idea with the letters, GREAT idea!!

  10. I see one on there from Linda, but not mine. Huh, wonder how that happened?! LOL! I love cards, too, but only if they have a personal note in them or especially a picture. I love getting pictures!

  11. Your cards are adorable! So, I'm itching to know, what happened with the person on eBay that bought the Zhu Zhu pets? I have made that shipping error myself!


  12. For some reason, I don't care as much about xmas cards, but LOVE cards for other occasions - especially cards sent for no special reason. I love to send cards as well as receive. Funny how a folded piece of thin cardboard can make a person's day!

  13. i love love love cards, and all types. i particularly love receiving the holiday cards and have clearly passed that on to my 4 year old (he waits for the mail each day around christmas). i find them so heartwarming and i love to see everyone's families and lives. outside of holidays, i love to send cards too. so you're not alone (and to part b, no NOT high maintenance!).


  14. cards is something that we dont do much in Mexico, and I loved the 2 years I was part of the down syn exchange cards. i miss getting my cards .. sniff