Saturday, December 19, 2009

A prayer. And thanks.

Remember Polly?

This sweet, little girl had the first of her brain surgeries yesterday after being diagnosed with Moyamoya Disease not long ago. She is recovering nicely, but seriously ... it is breaking my heart that she has to go through this.

Please hop on over to her mom's blog to show her some love.

Continuing to pray for you, Polly!


It is snowing. And I'm pretty sure it isn't supposed to stop anytime soon.

One problem ... Kyle and I are supposed to go to the Vikings vs. Panthers football game Sunday night in North Carolina.

I wonder if we will be able to get out of town?

They are talking many, many, many inches of snow. And people here freeze when it comes to snow.

Sigh. They better clear the dang roads! Hello ... do they not realize my husband needs his Brett Favre fix ... IRL!? For those of you saying, "What in the heck is IRL?!!" That stands for IN REAL LIFE peeps.



Thank you again to everyone who contributed for Zhora. Lisa also wanted to thank you ...

I wanted to thank everyone for their overwhelming generosity!! This giveaway was a huge success and hopefully Zhora is one step closer to finding his forever family. A huge thank you to Bethany as well for hosting this on her blog!! Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!!!

By the way ... this picture shows just how much Zhora and Daniel (Lisa's son) really do look alike! Crazy, eh?

And yes, I totally ganked this picture from my friend, Kristen ... shhh, don't tell her. Ha.

PS ... I will have the pictures from the drawing posted on that post soon ... got my laptop back!


  1. Just checked out Polly's blog and will keep her in my prayers.

    Go Vikings!!! (I'm from MN)