Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Score: 3 to 2

Right now the healthy people are winning in our house. Three of us ... Kyle, Payton and I. The other two ... not so much.

Yesterday Mason woke up with a headache, sore throat and a massive fever ... upwards of 103.1. I alternated Tylenol and Motrin throughout the day and he was acting fine. He wanted to play Wii, go outside to play in the snow, etc.

Riight. Probably gonna let ya go outside right about now.

Umm no.

I really wasn't sure how badly his throat hurt ... he just kept telling me, "Just a little bit." I figured I would let it ride for awhile and see how he did. We got through the day, however last night he slept so hard and had drank so much fluid that he wet the bed ... which he never does -- I think this is only the second time.

And then today I found out that Mason's little neighbor friend that he played with over the weekend had strep. Thanks neighbor!


So in to the doctor we went. Diagnosis ---> strep throat.

We came home and I noticed that Nika seemed to be declining quickly. She was feverish, was drooling and refused to eat. Not like her ... at all.

So off to Urgent Care we went. Diagnosis ---> strep throat.


To make matters worse, Nika started vomiting after we put her to bed. I'm not sure if the antibiotic made her sick ... or if she has a stomach bug on top of the strep.

Fun times in our house ... anyone want to come visit?

Here's to hoping the score remains 3 to 2.


  1. The vomiting is often part of strep. Sometimes a headache and stomach ache are the only symptoms, and no sore throat. Hard to believe, but true. Hope the rest of you stay well and that the sick ones get better quickly :)!

  2. Ugh....I HATE strep! It makes it's way through our house pretty quickly when one of us gets it. I plain sucks. But you know, Kaia has never had strep in her throat. She's had it on her face, and in her ear, but never in her throat that I know of. Weird huh. She doesn't have tonsils, but neither do I and I still get it.

  3. That stinks!
    some of my kids have been sick too. I think they are all getting over it now (fingers crossed). Hopefully it passes through your house quickly.

    Like said above, Strep can cause vomit. It also can cause a rash. I hate strep. Which is why I had my tonsils taken out in August. I got it ALL the time. So did Max. He also has his tonsils out now. And Lucky me, Max would always throw up with strep.

    Hope Mason and Nika feel better fast.