Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thank you. Oh ... and the winners!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

With the help of many of you, Lisa was able to fundraise $1,050 for Zhora! Amazing. I am praying that this sweet boy is that much closer to finding his forever family.

Moving on to the drawing for the iPod Touch and the quilt ...


Vanna White Nika and I just sat down to do the drawing for Lisa.

Hello Vanna ... I mean Nika.


Drum roll please ...

The winner of the quilt is ---> Raymond and Kim Robinson

And ...

The winner of the iPod Touch is --->


Debbie Bosman!

Yes, that is my mother. Lucky duck. Since this is Lisa's contest, I did not exclude anyone but myself from the drawing. As much as I wanted to include myself, I decided not to since I was doing the drawing for Lisa. So ... everyone else was fair game.

Think she'll let me borrow it? Yeah right. I just called her to tell her she won and she offered me her crappy, old, scratched up iPod. Ha.


  1. Yay, Kim! She's been lucky with drawings lately! Bethany & Lisa, that's so great that you raised so much for Z. Hope his parents find him SOON!

  2. yeah so glad you got there. I had to go away and missed out in the end ugh. over $1000 WTG!!!!!!!!!