Wednesday, January 13, 2010

6 years.

6 years. Whew.


How is it even possible that six years ago I went into labor with my first born. Six years ago I went to sit down on my couch and felt a gush. Six years ago I held the baby I had tried so hard to conceive.

6 years. Yikes!

Dear Mason ...

I can't believe it has already been six years since you entered my life. You have taught me so many things and you have made me so incredibly proud. You have achieved so much ... and worked so hard to accomplish your goals.

You are the best big brother we could ask for. Even though your sisters push your buttons at times, your compassion for them is like no other. My heart swells to watch you do what you do best ---> be a great big brother.

You are a miniature version of your father ... it is a good thing you are obsessed with him. To say you are a Daddy's boy would be an understatement. Your Daddy loves you very much and he will always be 50% of your #1 fan.

Daddy's boy or not ... you and I have a special relationship as mother and son. I'm not quite sure how to put it into words, but the love I have for you ... my only son ... is incredible. It is a bond that will never be broken ... and I will always be the other 50% of your #1 fan.

Happy birthday Bubs! You deserve the world and I feel confident that you will get everything you want out of your life.

Loads of love ...
Your Mama


On a side note, Mason did not go to school today because he can barely move his arms. In addition to everything else that happened with the dermatologist last night, she applied Canthacur to places in Mason's armpits that there was no Molluscum.

When you apply Canthacur to the skin, it causes it to blister. When you apply Canthacur to a Molluscum spot, it gets covered with a piece of tape. Within a couple hours, you remove the tape and the spot is left looking like you see in this picture of Mason's armpit.


Do you see the recklessness here? This is what Mason's armpit looked like this morning. None of those blisters should be there. That is where the Canthacur was placed on his skin and not removed ... even though the doctor know it would cause his skin to blister.

Maybe they were more worried about not having to pay $1 per minute since someone had a kid in daycare past closing.

Mason woke up this morning in tears ... unable to lower his arms to his sides. I sterilized a needle and popped the blisters in an effort to drain them and relieve some of the pain.

He wailed.

In an effort to calm him, I said, "See ... look at the water coming out of the blisters. That will help them deflate."

Through his tears, he said, "Water is a form of matter."

Why yes ... son ... it is. I am so happy to see that you have been learning great things at school ... and that it is in the forefront of your mind as I prick you with a needle.

Love that kid.


  1. Happy Birthday Mason!!

    OMG, I can't believe is arm. Are you able to get him in to see someone else? Anything they can do for him?

  2. Oh, my goodness! Happy birthday to Mason and I'm sooooo sorry for this totally unneccesary suffering with the skin condition. If that doctor has a superior or associates, I think they should be informed about her actions.

  3. Seriously, that is just ridicoulous and that doctor is a nemwhit! Poor Mason, that looks extremely painful. Happy Birthday Mason, your mommy's note to you on her blog was a tear jerker.

  4. Oh that is just awful! Poor guy! So funny about the "water is a form of matter" statement though-lol. Hope he has a great birthday any way!! Happy Birthday Mason!

    You got Peyton's b-day on the 7th and Mason's on the 13th-busy mommy!

  5. oh my. that is awful. I dont think i would be going back there again..
    on a side note, here is wishing your sweet boy a happy 6th birthday.... i hope he gets to celebrate somehow, poor lil guy

  6. Happy Birthday Mason!!! Love your "Water is a form of matter" comment in the middle of your mom popping your blisters! I REALLY hope there is a way you can report this doctor and show the pictures of what happened when you took Mason to see her. Is it possible that this is some form of medical mal-practice? I am so mad for you and Mason is not even my son --- this is NOT right! Please keep us updated, if there is anything that can be done so that this doctor does not do this to other people!!!

  7. OMG!!! How horrible!!! I hope you are saying something to the superior of that doctor. That's completely unacceptable.

    Aside from that I hope he has an awesome birthday!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MASON.

  8. It looks so painful! It makes my armpits hurt. Poor little guy. Good thing he has his knowledge of matter to keep his spirits up--lol.

    Happy Birthday Mason!

  9. Happy Birthday... and OUCH! Good thing Mason has a wonderful advocate-for-a-mom that will take care of things!!! (How FRUSTRATING to deal with a doctor like that...) Hope he's feeling better later so he enjoys his b-day!!

  10. Having had a child who has had this usually minor and should be painless,procedure done, a number of times,I SO know how the poor little guy must be feeling.NO EXCUSE for the negligent and careless application.Yep,I'd be pissed for sure.

    Hope the day ended better the it began for the birthday boy.Tell him that chocolate ALWAYS makes things feel better.Boys are really such magical little souls.

  11. Bless his heart---that doc totally needs to be called out. So sorry your sweet Mason is going through this---especially on his birthday. :(

  12. Seriously Beth that is nuts. I live close- do you want me to go beat her up?

  13. I'm glad you took pictures. I would be raising hell.

  14. Poor guy! I hope you take your complaints and that photo to whom ever is in charge at that office!

    Happy birthday anyway, Mason. :(

  15. How frustrating! Canthacur is known to cause blistering in greater than 90% of patients. She should be aware that you don't even need to treat Molluscum Contagiosum lesions! Topical applications are purely cosmetic. Poor kid!

    Hope his birthday gets better.

  16. Poor little monkey. I hope he gets some relief soon (and you too!)

  17. Poor Mason...and you, for that matter, for having to go through such a hellacious dr. appt. with someone who obviously didn't have their patient's best interest at heart. I hope he is feeling better and was able to do something fun for his birthday!

  18. HOLY MOLY that looks painful. I cant believe that doctor. Ridiculous. Hopefully he was able to get some relief eventually and enjoy some of his birthday. Poor boy.

  19. That picture looks awful and so painful. Poor Mason. I hope he was able to enjoy his birthday anyway!

    Happy 6th birthday Mason!!

  20. Oh man - that doctor needs to be kicked to the curb - poor guy. Hope the rest of his birthday was great!

  21. That is HORRIBLE! I can't believe what happened to him! You should send those pictures to the head of the practice, that is just awful - it looks sooooo painful! Bless his heart to be thinking of science - how sweet of him. I hope you find a wonderful new doctor, maybe give him some Motrin to help with the pain. What a terrible thing to have happen to you and to him. Hoping for a much better tomorrow -


  22. Have you contacted your insurance carrier regarding the care Mason got? They should do a Quality of Care investigation of the treatment received if you call and complain...or at least that's how it works here. You might not ever learn the results (WI has a law members will not learn the outcome of the review) but at least it will be reviewed and possibly be addressed if the Medical Director sees some issues.

  23. Oh My Gosh!! That looks awful and SO painful!!
    Hope he feels better soon.

    Happy Birthday Mason- you are a handsome young man!

  24. I've had 2 kids have those bumps frozen off under their armpits and they did blister so that's what I thought you were talking about. Then I saw the picture. That is absolutely negligent. I cannot believe his skin looks like that. I am so sorry! I hope he is feeling better now. Hopefully he managed to have a happy birthday inspite of all the pain!

  25. Hi there- My daughter had molluscum removed with the blistering beetle juice and had a horrific reaction to it. She did heal up in about a week but then more annoying molluscum came! I bought a product that my sister in law recommended online- it is called zymaderm and it really works! She started with about 20 individual bumps and now they are almost all gone, the ones that are still there are much smaller and on their way out. I don't know why the dermatologist did not tell me that there are other painless ways to remove molluscum but in the future, if he gets more molluscum, give it a try! (I swear I am not advertising this product, just passing on info that might help you or someone else!!)


  26. Happy belated birthday to your smart and handsome boy!

    So sorry for what he's going through though - those blisters look damn painful :(

  27. Hey my little girl fought with molluscum and we tried everything!! An $80 tube of cream didn't work. The ONLY thing that worked was tea tree oil. A $4 bottle of tea tree oil! I put it on several times a day and they were completely gone [forever] in two weeks.

  28. Thanks to everyone who commented and recommended other treatments than the beetle juice. I've been searching all over for something. I just took my 2 year old to the dermatologist this morning. They applied the beetle juice then tape. When I took the tape off after two as instructed, it ripped off the tops of every molluscum and the skin around each one. It was terrible. Now they are more contagious than ever and so painful. I am definitely not taking my son back for another treatment. I need another alternative. Thanks for the suggestions.

  29. Don't completely write off the Canthacur. My son has used the beetlejuice Canthacur treatment with great success. My doctor applied only a tiny bit over the molluscum not the skin around. There is no tape involved. It just dries on the skin. She instructs us to wash it off with soap and water about 2 hours later. It does blister but it is supposed to(only on the spot that was touched). I leave the blisters alone, don't pop or pick at them. They sometimes pop on their own, then heal and molluscum is gone. The stuff is VERY sensitive. You only need a little bit applied with the end of a toothpick not a q-tip swab by the way. You could use a q-tip stick without the cotton swab on it I guess. Hope this helps.