Friday, January 1, 2010

Looking all defunktified.


Nika is reckless.

I gotta give the girl credit though ... she is a go getter. When she first started walking ... heck, even still ... we refer to her as the drunken sailor. She is all over the place ... and when she runs, it is so funny. Cute, but funny.

She tries to keep up with her brother and sister the best she can. But physically ... she can't always do that. Although I think someone needs to clue her into that ... because as far as she is concerned, she can do everything they can do.

And I give her credit for that.

But it leads to injury. And I'm not sure she cares ... as long as she can follow her brother and sister around.


See that top left tooth? It didn't always look defunktified like that.

That is courtesy of Nika jumping from the ottoman to the couch ... just like her brother and sister. The problem is she can't really jump. She sort of walks ... and falls forward.

Which is totally fine. If you fall onto cushions.

But the back frame of our couch is hard. And so is the console table behind it.

Common knowledge would tell you that when an open-mouthed-toothy-grin hits a hard surface ... you are gonna end up with a defunktified tooth.


The dentist says it is fine. The tooth has been pushed up into the gum ... who knew that was possible? The tooth may move back into position ... or ... the tooth may die ... or ... the tooth may stay right where it is.

Looking all defunktified.

So we wait and see. And we hope for no more injuries.


  1. My sister took a header into the side of the bathtub as a toddler and her tooth turned brown (cute I know) but it fell out when she got bigger and the big tooth was fine :). Nika is a total cutey! I am sooooo thankful she was rescued by your family and given the chance to play like a child should, and even defunkify her teeth :).

  2. Awww, poor sweetie! Before I read your post, I looked at the picture and thought "something is up with that TOOTH"! I hope it doesn't give you any problems!

  3. She's still cute even with that tooth! My son fell in target (wet floor against face-wet floor won) it turned brown-it was his permanant tooth-but later on the dentist filed it down and it's fine!! Thank goodness-it was brown for a good while! Hope her's isn't permanent!

  4. she is still so stinkin' cute...crooked tooth or not

  5. I'd guess that it didn't really phased her in the least. Just love that little grin of hers. Too cute! Bum tooth and all.

  6. Hi Bethany!

    Nika is ALWAYS too cute for words!!

    Caroline fell and hit her mouth on a wooden chair at our Christmas party when she was 3!! A month later it turned gray=( Her dentist put a veneer on it, which we didn't even know he was doing! We still have that little tooth......gray on one side and white on the other!!

    Lindsey smashed all 4 of her front teeth back when she fell on the slide ladder at age 2!! We had to go to the ER(I was out of my mind) and then we rushed her to our dentist (he lives in our neighborhood) since it was a Sunday! He manipulated her bloody teeth back into place in his living room!! NONE of the 4 teeth died like Caroline's, even after Lindsey re-injured her 2 front teeth on our coffee table trying to follow her big sister just like Nika!!

    Just wanted you to know that you are not alone.....

    Happy New Year!!


  7. OUCH!!!! Did she cry and cry?! Poor baby!!! Kellsey thinks she can do everything the other kids can do too... she scares the crud out of me! LOL