Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My poor baby.


It is a nasty little thing. In addition to strep, it has overcome our world.

This picture was taken when Mason was home sick with strep ... poor kid looks out of it.

Back in October, Mason was diagnosed with Molluscum. Our dermatologist applied Canthacur to each of the spots he had at the time and sent us on our way. Each of the spots blistered, scabbed and left nice little scars all over his body.

My poor baby.

While we were trying to kill the spots he had, new ones appeared. And they keep appearing.

We were given a topical cream to put on any new spots, but insurance limits the amount of cream we can have in a certain time period and the teeny, tiny packets it comes in are not nearly enough to cover all the spots he has. Our hands have been tied and we have applied cream as we can get it.

It sucks. And it frustrates me.

This evening we went back to the dermatologist ... only our old one has left and a new one replaced her. A new one with a really snotty, holier than thou attitude ... not to mention her complete lack of bedside manner.

Poor Mason ended up in tears after they applied Canthacur to a few spots that had busted open. Really -- was that a good idea? And ... she refused to treat more than 10 of his spots -- so I guess we leave the rest to keep growing? Pff.

I was so furious with this dermatologist -- I am not sure why I didn't walk out in the very beginning like I started to do. That was after she lectured me for being 10 minutes late, thanks to a car accident that closed two of three lanes of traffic.*

*I'm sorry lady, but you didn't have to see me if it really was putting you out. And considering I typically wait an hour to be seen in this office, I'm pretty sure you have no room to talk. And I could care less that your nurse is having to pay $1 per minute right now for her daycare -- hardly my problem that she did not make childcare arrangements when she knew she needed to be at work. And I also don't care that it wasn't you that has made me wait in the past -- the point is you work for this practice, and I'm sorry if you don't like all that comes with it.


Mason also has a bit of a yeast infection in his underwear area. He has never had anything like this before, but I assume it came after he was on Augmentin for a few days after Christmas. I had the dermatologist look at it, however she was convinced that it was Eczema.

Umm no. He has never had Eczema before ... and knowing how easily he sweats and how moisture is probably having a hay day in that area, it is so a yeast infection. She even agreed that Eczema typically does not present like this, but she decided she needed to disagree with me and treat it as Eczema.


I disagreed and already had it in my mind that I'd take him to the pediatrician to see what they think. I also knew I already had some Lotrimin to treat it with -- hoping that would help.

So ... just for curiosity sake, I asked the dermatologist if the product she wanted to use for treatment would treat both Eczema and a yeast infection -- ya know, kill two birds with one stone. She told me that no, it would not, and in fact it would make a yeast infection worse.

Oook. That went in one ear and out the other ... I'll take this matter into my own hands.

Seriously ... this entire experience made me so mad. I honestly have never come across a doctor as rude and hoity toity as she was. Blech.

I'll be finding a new dermatologist ... quickly. I let them know I would not be returning and the dermatologist said, "Well, you need to follow up with someone."

Ya think?!

Seriously lady. I do plan to complain to the head of the practice ... it is a shame that they hired someone like this to take the place of what was a wonderful dermatologist. I can only imagine how many patients they are going to lose.

Vent over.


  1. Oh---my---gosh!!! That's unbelievable! Once I went to the doc with 105 degree fever which turned out to be from food poisoning. He lectured me about how could I let it get this bad before coming in, and did I have any idea how close I was to being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance and being on life support. I was like "Could you yell at me AFTER you make me not die...."

  2. wow! I would be pissed too! Sorry you had such a horrible experience!

  3. Ohhh poor Mason! I hate mean hoity toity people...I would of left too, with attitude! Fight on Momma!...hoping you find help soon!

  4. Tell Mason somebody must have peed in the Dr's cornflakes that morning.

    You're right, Blech.

  5. So sorry to hear about the ordeal with Mason's doctor visit! Doesn't it just make you wonder WHY some people choose medicine as a career path? You mustn't have one, two, or three skills to be a doctor or some other health care professional. You must have all skills!

  6. Ok, I started getting aggravated just by reading your post. First, I will say a prayer for Mason - your poor baby!

    What is it with Dr's not being taught how to have a decent bedside manner, if they have none to begin with? Gggrrr.

    Hang in there. You will find the right Dr - I am sure of that.

  7. Nick really likes his dermatologist~ he doesn't specialize in pediatrics (obviously) but I'll get his name.

    Sorry you had such a bad experience.


  8. can you still buy the cream and not claim it? not sure how it works in your parts but that is how we do it. most of our meds and creams cost about $26 or $5 for Aden.
    My Daughter has an acne cream that is $45 that we can claim back through our private health fund if we wish. We do for a year we never knew we could. Only get around $26 back but still it adds up.
    With the thrush there is a single dose tablet out now, that clears it up in a 2days. Here it cost $20 over the counter no script needed. I’ve been eating them lol been on AB’s as well.
    Hope it all clears up for Mason real soon.

  9. I feel your pain...we had a bout of molluscum in our house last summer. I shudder even typing the word -- afraid I will tempt it to return. We tried "ZymaDerm." We ordered it online through Naturopathix, Inc. It is pain free which is beautiful! You have to be really vigilant about using it, and it has a horrible smell when you open the bottle, but it did the trick!! Much cheaper than the derm. creams too! Good luck!

  10. Two of my four boys had molluscum and it was very frustrating and nearly drove me crazy. My 6 year old had them worst in his private areas and inbetween his elbows. My 9 year old had them on his hands and face also which made his eczema go crazy at times.

    However, on the advice of our pediatric dermatologist, we went with the "do nothing and it will eventually go away on its own" route. As soon as each cluster would start going away (you know when they turn red and itchy/sore) we treated them with prescription strength 2% hydrocortizone creme. Eventually, they all cleared up virtually pain free and left NO SCARS whatsoever. No pain - no scars. Just frustration and more than a few embarrassing moments when our 6 year couldn't keep his hands out of his pants. LOL!

    It took about 18+ months, but our home has been molluscum-free for over 2 years now. Thank the Lord! P.S. Happy Birthday to Mason!

  11. Bethany,

    Hey . . . I just clicked over onto your blog from DSANV yahoo group. I was surprised at them treating the molluscum in Mason. Although, I have always been in obstetrics I have come across it with some of my patients or their children and back then (5-10 years ago) people recommended the "do nothing" approach as it will go away on its own. I thought I was going to have to do some research to see why they changed their minds to treatment - so glad to see Kim had the "do nothing" approach recommended to them as well.

    Stephanie Hurst