Sunday, January 10, 2010

Something is wrong with this picture ...


Snack time ...

Nutrition ... rather ... will be the death of me. Specifically when it comes to my middle child ... namely, Ms. Payton.

Considering the road she has had with food and oral aversions, I feel like I should be happy she will eat at all. However, I'm not sure that a whole lotta salty foods do much for her health.

She is obsessed.

No fruit -- well, except mandarine oranges. No vegetables -- unless you count those salty veggie straws you can get at Costco.

On the other hand ...

My youngest child ... namely, Ms. Addison ... loves fruits and vegetables and meats and soups and pretty much anything that is sold at the grocery store.

So for snack ... this is how it looks at our house.


Payton eats salty chips.

Addison eats tomatoes.


  1. Mmmm....put that together and it's my idea of delicious! I am glad that Ms Nika and I both enjoy a snack of grape tomatoes. I thought I was the only one!

  2. Bethany,
    My Sam is the way as Payton. We call him the carb machine. We try it all...I will say I hide a lot of it...mush stuff in..etc...not easy but sometimes works:)

  3. Looks about like how ALL meals go down at our house. Isaac will not have fruit unless it is in the form of a smoothie. . . and forget the veggies. . . does pizza sauce count?! ha!

    Ainsley on the other hand would take a fruit or vegetable over any other food any day!

    I am just so glad that I have one child who loves to eat all food, otherwise I would go crazy!

  4. HA! That sounds like what it's going to be around here too... Kellsey is our healthiest eater by far! What's up with that?! LOL

  5. Aden is the same as payton, all salty snacks what will i send him with to Kindy? arhhh My daughter Tay was like Addison she's eat anything. if only they were all like that...
    so good to see these pics of your kids

  6. I'm with Nika...gosh those tomatoes look yummy!

  7. I'm telling's the Russian in her. LOL!! My son LOVES his fruits and veggies, too. He will always eat the fruit and veg first and ask for more. I feel so dumb saying "no, Nick, no more cucumbers or bananas or broccoli or whatever until you finish your fries." How about pickles? Does she like those? Not exactly a veggie but... my son LOVES them. He has gotten us all hooked, we go through jars of them every week. haha!

  8. all that matters is that they are cutie pies right?????

  9. oh so sweet , Elias snacks are almost always cookies.

    but before eating lunch he eats some fruits, and sometimes before dinner too.

    the only way Elias eats some veggies is with tuna salad, or chicken salad. that's it.

  10. Oh the pictures are great!

    We're lucky that Gabe will eat a wide variety of foods, especially since we pureed every meal for SO long! We found that if he was included in the preparations in some way, he was more apt to buy into trying new foods.

  11. Considering Seizure meds and Chemo took away all Zoey's desire for food,I'd feed the girl chocolate 24/7 if I knew it would get past her lips!After all,chocolate is at the top of my food pyramid,I seem to be doing just fine.

    Seriously though,Zoey will lick the heck out of anything salty so maybe that should be my direction.I am willing to try anything at this point.

    Girls look darling as ever.No matter what they are eating.

  12. Kaia used to be like Nika with eating just about everything, now, only if it's bread or potatoes. She still likes grape tomatoes tho too!

    Also, can you tell me where you got your blog signature from?

  13. Lacia ... you mean the heart with my name? That signature? I made it. :)

  14. Yeah, that one! Did you do that in photoshop or something?

  15. The contrast is hysterical - but poor Payton, she needs her veggies and fruits!

    Aleena used to be a great eater of all things! Over the past year though, she is getting fussier and starting to turn her nose to the fruits and veggies she used to eat. She, too, loves salty snacks!!!!! Have you ever heard of the book, The Sneaky Chef, by Missy Chase Lapine? Jeryy Seinfeld's wife has a similar book. The books have recipes for purees made of veggies and/or fruits that you mix into regular food. The kids get nutrition and don't even know it!