Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Enough already.

We are stuck in the middle of our second winter storm warning in a week. I'm pretty sure most of us are satisfied with the 31 inches we got a couple days ago. The snow is so deep that the kids can't even play in it ... it literally is up to my thighs.

So in the road they must play.



Kyle and our neighbor decided build the kids a snow tunnel since there literally has been no other way for them to play in the snow. They loved it.






It snowed earlier today ... but right now, the strong winds gusts of up to 41 MPH are just blowing the snow. A lot. The white outs in our area have been so bad that even the plows and sand trucks have been pulled from the road.

The federal government has been closed for days. Schools are closed -- in fact, they have already been canceled for the rest of the week. Malls are closed. Grocery store shelves are bare.

Enough already.

The kids are sick of being cooped up. I'm sick of the kids being cooped up. Ha. As I type this they are playing the 147th game of tag ... yelling and screaming amidst the excitement of their game.

In between games of tag, they have practiced their alphabet and letter sounds ...


... baked cookies ...


... done crafts ...





... played board games, fought, played tag, yelled, played tag, screamed and uh, played tag some more.

Enough already.


  1. Cabin Fever Baby :P

  2. Make monster toast! Have you heard of it? If not just comment to me and I will tell you how to make it!


  3. Awwww, we made homemade cookies, crafts, and played on too! We did not play in the street, though, thanks for the idea. LOL

  4. LOL Susan -- never heard of it. What is it? I have several more days of activities needed. LOL

  5. Being couped up for that long is horrible! I hope they open up the schools soon. You are doing a great job of keeping them busy - those crafts look great!

  6. It's easy Bethany! You need bread (white is best but others will work), milk, food coloring and paint brushes. You make "paint" by mixing milk with different colors of food coloring. Give each sweetie a slice of bread (that is their canvas), and let them paint on the bread! Then you lightly toast it, and it is a very colorful, delicious treat!!
    Oh...and the snow issue! I used to bring snow in the house (yikes!) when my kids were little. Just a big bowl, give them gloves and let them play with it in the nice warm house!! Give them Mr. Potato Head pieces and they can make their own little snowmen, snowballs, etc. We did this on the kitchen floor with lots of towels!! They LOVED doing this every time!!
    I have more ideas if you want them!

    Have a great day!! Susan

  7. snow tunnels are the best! hopefully the snow is finished and we will have glimpses of spring soon --- love the crafts the kids made :) also, i laughed when i read about your trip to the dentist - i feel like that is what we go through every day getting to appts or school, why does everything take so long to get out the door??? i used to wear lots of wool sweaters and i usually am always cold, but if we are leaving the house, i am always a hot mess too!!!

  8. oh my goodness, the pics with the tunnel are crazy. i have never seen that much snow in my life. i don't blame you at all. i'm simply sick of the cold weather, i can't even imagine having that much snow, too!!!

  9. Three kiddos with cabin fever.....! :) Beautifl pictures of your bunch-and what a cool crafty activity!

  10. you are an amazing photographer! love the tunnel idea!